For the safety of objects in our collection, please follow these guidelines:

  1. NO gum chewing and NO food.
  2. All drinks must be in sealed bottles/containers. When objects are displayed on the CSR tables, all liquids must be placed in the designated area.
  3. Please silence your cell phone.
  4. Only pencils, which are provided, may be used for handwritten note-taking in the CSR. Use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones for note-taking is permitted.
  5. Place all bags and any materials not needed during your visit in the designated area.
  6. NO photography is allowed without prior permission from the Curator.
  7. If you are a student required to view objects for an assignment, please plan ahead, as visits require at least two weeks’ notice.

For classes and students viewing and/or handling objects on the classroom table:

  1. Please do NOT touch any object until offered the opportunity to do so by your professor, the Curator, or a Collection Assistant.
  2. Clean gloves will be provided and should always be worn when handling an object.
  3. Always use two hands to lift and hold an object. Only hold one object at a time.
  4. Do not lift objects by appendages, covers, handles, or lids.
  5. Remove headphones, heavy bracelets, ID lanyards, long necklaces, and scarves when handling objects.
  6. If you are uncertain if you are allowed to hold an object or how best to do so, ask the Curator or a Collection Assistant.
  7. If you sneeze or cough, turn your head away from the table when you do so. If you cover your mouth with your gloved hand when sneezing or coughing, put on a clean glove.
  8. Take off the gloves when you blow your nose. (Tissues are available.)
  9. Do NOT rub your nose, face, or hair with your gloved hand. If you do, put on a clean glove.
  10. Before leaving, please discard your gloves in the trash can, push in your chair, and collect your belongings.