Mini-Reunions are an important class activity as they strengthen old friendships, establish new ones, build class identity, and reinforce ties to Wheaton.

Mini-reunions are a great way for classmates to maintain connections with each other and the college, especially between Reunions. It is also a great opportunity to help re-introduce class members who may have lost contact.  Gatherings may be held anywhere in the world, and can be any length of time – from a couple hours over lunch and drinks weekend trips.

The Alumni Relations Office is happy to assist volunteers in planning these events. Generally your class vice-president or president is the liaison between the College and your class for planning mini-reunions.

Getting Started

  1. Recruit a committee of classmates for ideas, planning, and communication.
  2. Find a date, time, location and cost to the event.
    1. For multiple day events, please work out an itinerary.
  3. Contact the Alumni Relations Office at to share your idea and start the process of communicating out to the rest of the class.

Mini-Reunion Ideas

  • Social hours or Lunch/Dinner at a classmates house or a restaurant
  • Cultural Events at a museum or performance
  • Outdoor fun sailing, skiing or touring a vineyard
  • Already planned Wheaton Regional events
  • For longer events – historic U.S. cities, cruises or resorts.


The Alumni Relations Office will help with:

  • Providing a class list
  • Setting up and sending only 1 email save-the-date (must be at least 12 weeks before the event)
  • Setting up and sending 1 email invitation (8 weeks prior to the event)
  • Printing and mailing out 1 hard copy invitation to classmates (8 weeks prior to the event)
  • Sending out one final confirmation (1 week before event)
  • Event in a Box

The Alumni Office will NOT assist with:

  • Creating a registration for the event
  • Maintaining an attendance list
  • Paying for any part of the event
  • Promoting the event on College wide communications

After the event

After your wonderful mini-reunion, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at to update your class webpages with photos from the event and an attendance list.