Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Global Learning

A 21st-century liberal arts education ought to be worldly as well as connected. At Wheaton, you will find global connections of every kind--courses and campus programs, a six continents' worth of study abroad options, and international student body and a faculty with a world of experiences.

The Center for Global Education serves as the center for Wheaton's extensive array of worldwide opportunities. Its staff coordinates semester and yearlong programs in every corner of the globe and encompassing the breadth of the liberal arts. Some of these options include fieldwork or internships as well as coursework. We also offer short-term, faculty-led courses that travel abroad for focused, intense and exciting learning experiences.

On campus, you will find myriad opportunities to explore other cultures, countries and perspectives through the courses in the Wheaton Curriculum, through visiting lecturers and special events. And the college's commitment to diversity in the broadest sense ensures that the student body represents more than 40 countries and a world of perspectives.

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