We want to group Ideas and discussions around reclaiming AI for the humanities around three key dimensions:

The theory, practice and future of artificial intelligence in the humanities.

Over the next months, details on the programming, events, and invited guests will be announced here.

1. The theory of AI

  • AI metaphysics and the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness: What is the state of AI philosophy 70 years after the Dartmouth Workshop?
  • Artificial Life and Metacreation
  • AI and free will
  • AI aesthetics: Looking at the work of art in the age of its technical producability.

2. The practice of AI

  • AI ethics: Towards policies, regulations, and laws
  • AI design: Shaping things with generative systems
  • AI art: Artists use AI and respond to its challenges
  • AI and languages: Natural language processing, machine translation, text generation
  • AI and the creative industry: The economy and challenges of generative creativity

3. The future of AI

  • Speculating about the future, taking perspective from science fiction, speculative design, and strategic foresight:
    What was, what will become … imagining a century of AI


For questions, comments, and suggestions, please reach out to me:

[email protected]

Joerg Blumtritt, Director of the WIIH

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