Student Organizations

Student Art League

The Student Art League (SAL) brings together members of the Wheaton community who share a passion for the creative arts. This club has had a long tradition at Wheaton College sponsoring student-run evening gatherings dedicated to figure drawing. Our new mission is to not only re-introduce these weekly group sessions to draw from a model, but also to further expand the reach of the visual arts across campus. A major goal of SAL is to organize opportunities for students across disciplines to engage in the creative art process through fun hands-on art-making events throughout the year. As a club we will work together with other clubs and organizations in order to help bring together diverse groups of Wheaton students, faculty and staff to share in exploring the artistic self that is a part of each of us.

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Art Haus

44 Howard St.
Art Haus was created as a space where house members are able to experience life, while living in their own gallery. Residents are responsible for their own creative processes and for the exhibition of their art. In addition, Art Haus offers the greater Wheaton community a chance to create and display their creative processes in an independent student-run space. This space is not only limited to the visual arts but exhibits all forms of artistic expression, from the visual arts to music ensemble performances to poetry readings.


ARTHive is a student organization that brings together people who share a common passion for art and art history. Through a series of monthly events, ARTHive club members explore how art history applies to life experiences outside and beyond the classroom. ARTHive sponsors events focused on exhibitions and arts events in the Boston-Providence area, career development and graduate education, and the appreciation of art in our daily lives.

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