Areas of Study

The Visual Art program offers the following courses in design, drawing, film production, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.


ART 111 Two-Dimensional Design
ART 112 Three-Dimensional Design
ART 198 Digital Tools for Art and Design
ART 250 Graphic Design I
ART 350 Graphic Design II
ART 398 Color Theory
ART 398 Introduction to Illustration

Drawing and Painting

ART 116 Drawing I
ART 205 Drawing II
ART 340 Figure Drawing and Anatomy
ART 220 Painting I
ART 320 Painting II
ART 398 Painting Processes

Film Production and Animation

ART 260 Production I: Visual Storytelling
ART 262 Screenwriting
ART 264 Introduction to Animation
ART 360 Film Production II
ART 280 Documentary Storytelling
ART 270 Digital Editing
ART 398 Advanced Cinematography
ART 398 Advanced Animation


ART 240 Photography I
ART 330 Photography II
ART 298 Photo in Context
ART 398 Images and the Expanded Frame


ART 215 Relief Printmaking
ART 315 Intaglio Printmaking
ART 325 Lithography
ART 365 Printmaking Techniques and Approaches


ART 210 Sculpture I
ART 310 Sculpture II
ART 298 Industrial Design
ART 398 Public Art

Opportunities for Independent Projects

ART 299 Independent Study
ART 316 Arts in Ireland (faculty-led course taught abroad)
ART 399 Independent Study
ART 398 Independent Practice
ART 402 Visual Art Senior Seminar
ART 499 Independent Research
ART 500 Honors in Visual Art