Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

…if you are wondering if Wheaton is the right place for an Art Major, don’t second-guess. I could never have done it alone. Wheaton has everything to do with where I am today.
~ Christina Ferragamo ‘14

I am currently working as a part-time independent filmmaker, as an arts educator at the Oakland School of Arts, and as a professional printmaker in San Francisco — all of which I owe to my education at Wheaton College. I am thankful that Wheaton gave me a strong foundation from which I could move confidently into new pursuits in my professional life.
~ Ben Marlowe

I am pursuing a career that combines my artistic and design sensibilities with my writing and narrative capabilities. I owe this completely to Wheaton and its Art and English faculty, who consistently encouraged and promoted collaboration between departments and fields and who always supported me in my double-major. Ultimately, Wheaton not only encouraged me to combine my many interests and abilities, but showed me how to do so.
~ Heather Langley ‘10

The experience and knowledge I obtained through the Wheaton Art Program sent me on a path to currently be living as a fine artist. I am truly grateful.
~ Ellen Llewellyn

My experiences at Wheaton College as a visual art major directly contributed to [my] successes and continue to impact me as I embark on a career in the museum field. The most important skills I learned as a studio artist that translate to my current job are creative thinking, strategic problem-solving, and project management.
~ Ashley Geremia ‘11

Having worked closely with the professors at Wheaton, I was able to improve my ability to be open to criticism and accept feedback on the formal and conceptual issues that I present in my work.
~ Zach Magoon ‘96

Everyone in the art department is very warm and friendly…like family. Years later, when I go to visit, I’m greeted with open arms.
~ Julie McLane Curry ‘12