Graduate Programs

Thinking about graduate school?

Majors in History of Art are well prepared to succeed in most professional and academic graduate programs, leading to fulfilling careers that may (or may not) directly relate to the visual arts.  Because our discipline cultivates critical thinking, effective research skills, and persuasive written/oral expression – all within the context of visual literacy and visual problem-solving – our majors graduate with a unique, and highly marketable, set of skills.  The programs included below represent just a few of those to which we have sent our graduates.  If you’re wondering whether graduate school is the right choice for you, make an appointment with a History of Art faculty member to discuss your options.

Graduate Programs in History of Art and Related Fields: Representing the full range of career possibilities within the visual arts, our students have enrolled in graduate programs in the history of art and architecture; curatorial and museum studies; art education; art conservation and historic preservation; public history and public humanities; and arts administration.  The most complete source for graduate programs in these fields are the individual directories compiled each year by the College Art Association. See the full listing of CAA’s current directory titles.

Professional Programs in Architecture:  If you’re considering a professional degree in architecture, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture provides useful information about applying to graduate programs and the different career paths to which they might lead.  See the association’s online guide to architecture programs in the United States and Canada.

If you’re uncertain whether a professional architecture program is the right fit for you, consider enrolling in Harvard University’s excellent Career Discovery Program.  Open to undergraduates, this summer program is run by the school’s Graduate School of Design.  Learn more about the Career Discovery Program.

Professional Programs in Law, Business, and Medicine:  Given the art history major’s unique set of research and writing skills, our majors have enrolled in law school, business school, and medical school.  For an eye-opening look at the ways art history majors have applied their skills within these fields, see W. Barksdale Maynard’s 2015 editorial in the Daily Princetonian/, “For Career Success, Major in Art History.”