Call for student proposal: Eberhart travel grant

Patti Eberhart ‘68 Overseas Study and Travel Grant

Call for Proposals



The Art and Art History Department is pleased to announce our Call for Proposals from students for an overseas study and travel grant in memory of Wheaton alumna Patti Eberhart, ’68. Patti, a flight attendant killed in the crash of Swissair Flight 111 in 1998, was an art history major who nurtured her love of the arts after graduation through travel. Patti’s family and friends established this fund in her memory.

The reward recipient will receive support to study and travel abroad during the summer. The award is intended to cover the recipient’s travel expenses, including transportation, housing, meals, visas, inoculations, etc.

Proposals will be accepted from freshman (declared), sophomore, junior and senior majors in art history or studio art, who are in good academic and social standing, and who have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA in both their major and overall. The study grant is not need-based, and is open to international students who meet all other eligibility criteria. The grant does not support recreational tourism, but will be awarded for the explicit study of works of art and architecture in situ and in museum collections abroad. The grant may also be linked to structured independent research related to the major. The grant is not intended to pay for academic course work taken abroad, although the recipient may enroll in one course for academic credit in addition to the proposed study and travel.

  • Awards for structured independent research may be used for:
  • Research at overseas libraries, archives, resource centers or with experts/ facilities not available in the U.S.
  • The development of visual arts through the study of objects and monuments in the original.
  • Preparation for honors work in studio art or art history
  • Participation in archaeological digs, field research, and art restoration/ preservation projects.


Application Process

A written proposal no longer than five double-spaced pages must be submitted to Vicki Toppses via email ([email protected]) no later than Friday 20 April 2018 at NOON.

Proposals must include a clear statement of what you intend to accomplish, the duration of your project, a travel itinerary, and an itemized budget of anticipated expenses. The total budget must not exceed $3000.

If you are proposing to study works of art and architecture in situ, or museum collections abroad, include a list of sites/museums you intend to visit and what works you especially wish to see there. What courses have introduced you to these works, and how will your understanding benefit from the opportunity to study them in the original?

If you are proposing structured independent research, describe the project in detail, specifying what resources abroad you will be using and what preliminary plans you have made with overseas contacts. Explain how the independent study relates to your projected scholarly and/or professional development.



The recipient is expected to submit a report about his/her use of the Eberhart grant no later than Friday 5 October 2018. Before embarking on his/her travels, the recipient should contact the co-chairs of Art and Art History to determine what form this final report will take.