Latin American Studies

From Mexico to Argentina to islands in the Caribbean, Latin America is bursting with culture. This dynamic, diverse region is home to 33 countries and a population of about 600 million; you’ll hear Spanish and Portuguese and meet people with a range of backgrounds. Wheaton’s Latin American studies minor will deepen your understanding of these histories and cultures, the relations between these countries, and their influence around the world. The Latin American studies minor is an excellent companion to majors like Hispanic studies, Spanish, and international relations.

For more information, contact the Program Co-coordinators:
Montserrat Pérez-Toribio
John Bezis-Selfa



Matthew Allen

Professor of Music, Emeritus

Hope Bastian

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

John Bezis-Selfa

Chair of the History Department; Professor of History; Latin American Studies Co-coordinator

Francisco Fernández de Alba

A. Howard Meneely Professor of Hispanic Studies

Gerard Huiskamp

Professor of Political Science

Domingo Ledezma

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Hector Medina

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Emeritus

Montserrat Pérez-Toribio

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies; Chair, Hispanic and Italian Studies Department; Latin American Studies Co-coordinator

Julie Searles

Senior Professor of the Practice of Music

Mary Beth Tierney-Tello

Professor of Hispanic Studies

M. Gabriela Torres

Professor and William Isaac Cole Chair in Anthropology; Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Faculty Affairs

A. Javier Trevino

Professor of Sociology