Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities (DH) minor provides students with an interdisciplinary program of inquiry that merges computational thinking and information technology with the humanities. By engaging computing and humanities skills, the program seeks to empower students to be technologically capable, bringing diverse sets of methodologies and perspectives to the study and communication of human culture and production. The minor also helps students to think critically about digital tools that are so ubiquitous they have become invisible. One primary goal is to cultivate thoughtful and bold practitioners.

For more information contact:
Winter Jade Werner, co-coordinator
Mark D. LeBlanc, co-coordinator



Michael B. Gousie

Professor of Computer Science

Patrick Johnson

Associate Professor of Filmmaking

Lisa Lebduska

Professor of English, Director of College Writing

Mark D. LeBlanc

Professor of Computer Science

Domingo Ledezma

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Kim Miller

Jane Oxford Keiter '64 Professor of Women's & Gender Studies and History of Art; Women's & Gender Studies Program Coordinator; Peace & Social Justice Studies Coordinator

Leah Niederstadt

Associate Professor of Museum Studies, History of Art; Curator of the Permanent Collection

Kent Shaw

Assistant Professor of English

Josh Stenger

Associate Professor of Film Studies and English; Hannah Goldberg Chair in Teaching Innovation; Founding Coordinator, Film and New Media Studies

Kathryn Tomasek

Professor of History

Winter Jade Werner

Assistant Professor of English