Offered by the Biology, and Chemistry departments.

The study of the structures, functions, and interactions between biological molecules forms the focus of the work of biochemists.  Biochemistry majors will build and expand their capacity to think, work, and communicate as scientists.  Majors will use biochemical knowledge for experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, scientific reports and presentations, and exposure to the research literature.  Mastery in these essential areas will prepare biochemistry graduates for graduate study in the health professions or natural sciences, as well as for work in a research environment.

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Jani Benoit

Professor of Chemistry

Christopher Kalberg

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Jennifer Lanni

Assistant Professor in Biology; Visiting Scientist, Boston Children's Hospital

S. Shawn McCafferty

Associate Professor of Biology

Robert L. Morris

Professor of Biology; William & Elsie Prentice Professorship (2015-2020)


Julia Roth

2020, Biochemistry

Blakely Fetridge Bundy '66 Work and Learning Fellowship in Early Childhood Education and Development

Children's TheraPath, Bellaire, TX

My internship helped solidify my love for working with children. I learned I have a deep interest in working with children of different abilities. I am confident that I want to be working within the field of pediatrics and child development.

Julian Draz

2021, Biochemistry

Caroline C. Edwards '70 Current Use Internship Fund

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Wellfleet, MA

I learned that I love doing fieldwork and working with a team of like-minded individuals, but I do not like doing repetitive data entry.

Robert Black

2021, Biochemistry

Mary Zygala Schleyer '74 Wheaton Fund Internship

Enable Life Sciences LLC, Worcester, MA

This research experience further developed my comfort and competency in a research lab setting. The hands-on work reinforced previously learned skills and provided exposure to new techniques.

Hannah Arkin

2021, Biochemistry

Barbara Bissell '72 Internship Fund

University of California, San Francisco, Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA

This summer I gained hands-on experience and learned what it’s truly like to work in a lab.

Best College City for Biomedical Engineering

Forbes recently listed the Norton, Massachusetts area as the “Best College City for BioMedical Engineering” due to local corporations helping the field grow 23% by 2024.


97% of Biochemistry majors from the past five years have found employment or achieved a service opportunity within six months of graduation *

of Biochemistry majors

Recent Graduates

Sample First Jobs

  • Laboratory Technician, Kennebec River Biosciences
  • Research Associate, Cue Biopharma
  • Research Technician, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Science Teacher, Saint Gregory’s School
  • Technical Research Assistant, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Sample Graduate Schools

  • Brown University
  • Harvard University
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Simmons College

*outcomes data is based on a knowledge rate of 78% for the classes of 2014-2018