Astronomy and Physics
Offered by the Physics and Astronomy department.

This interdisciplinary major provides an opportunity for students to pursue their interest in astronomy at a deeper level than is possible through the minor in astronomy. Students will take courses in physics that provide additional perspective on the fundamental principles underlying astronomical research. This major is not recommended for students planning to do graduate work in astronomy; such students should major in physics.

Physics and Engineering: Dual Degree

Students who are interested in using physics as a base to pursue an engineering career should consider participating in a Wheaton dual-degree program in engineering. This program allows students completing three years at Wheaton and two or more additional years at another institution to earn a bachelor of arts degree from Wheaton and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.



Timothy Barker

Professor of Astronomy

Geoffrey Collins

Professor of Geology

Dipankar Maitra

Associate Professor of Physics/Astronomy


Kellen Bogardus

2020, Physics

For Once in My Life Wheaton Fund Internship

Wheaton College Physics Department, Professor John Collins, Norton, MA

This internship connected with my major by giving me hands-on experience doing physics research that I have not been able to experience in lab classes during the academic year.