Astronomy and Physics
Offered by the Physics and Astronomy department.

A galaxy. A solar system. A particle. The interdisciplinary astronomy and physics major explores a world of information, from the universe and solar system to ancient astronomies, astrobiology and astrophysics. If you’re looking to understand astronomy on a deeper level—more than what you’d find in a minor—this program is ideal. Also, since it provides the physics foundation required to study engineering, this major pairs well with our 3+2 dual-degree program, which allows you to earn a bachelor of arts from Wheaton and a bachelor’s in engineering at a participating school.


Recent student internships

The Wheaton Edge offers experiences beyond the classroom.

Kellen Bogardus

2020, Physics

For Once in My Life Wheaton Fund Internship

Wheaton College Physics Department, Professor John Collins, Norton, MA

This internship connected with my major by giving me hands-on experience doing physics research that I have not been able to experience in lab classes during the academic year.


Timothy Barker

Professor of Astronomy, Emeritus

Xuesheng Chen

Professor of Physics

Geoffrey Collins

Professor of Geology

John Michael Collins

Professor of Physics, Chair of Physics and Astronomy

Jason C. Goodman

Associate Professor of Physics

Anthony Houser

Instructor of Physics

Dipankar Maitra

Associate Professor of Physics/Astronomy