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Course Registration

You should prepare for course registration while on study abroad just like you would if you were on campus.  Review your CAPP degree audit and the semester’s course offerings, jot down some course choices and alternates before you log in, and before your registration day, make sure that you do not have any holds on your record  that would prevent you from registering.   Based on your class year, you will be assigned a 24-hour appointment day during which you may register online. More specific information will be sent to you while you’re abroad via email approximately two weeks prior to the registration period.

The Center for Global Education will send course registration information (via email) to all students on study abroad in October (for spring registration) and in March (for fall registration). This information will be sent to your official Wheaton Email account. Students should plan on forwarding other email accounts to their Wheaton email in order to receive important information while abroad.  You have several options for submitting your course selections and should use the procedure that is most efficient from your study abroad location.

During study abroad you will have the following options for course registration
Option 1: Use  “insideWheaton” to access online registration through WINDOW

From the Wheaton College homepage, log in to “insideWheaton”.  By selecting the Registration Tab, you will immediately have access to registration selections.   You are not required to enter a Registration Pin.  On your appointment day, you are free to select courses online with your classmates.

Option 2: Email course selections

You can email your course requests to the Office of the Registrar: registrar@wheatoncollege.edu. Once your requests are received and processed the courses can be viewed via your online schedule. Please make sure you include the CRN, the course subject, number, section (if applicable) and title as well as your Wheaton ID (W number). Students may also email course requests prior to their registration date if traveling during the registration period.

Option 3: Fax course selections

You can fax course requests to the Office of the Registrar: 508-286-8276. Once the courses are placed in the system you can view your schedule online.  Please make sure you include the CRN, the course subject, number, section (if applicable) and title as well as your Wheaton ID (W number).

Option 4: Mail your course selections
A final option is to mail course requests to the Office of the Registrar at the following address: Office of the Registrar, Wheaton College, Norton, MA 02766, USA.

Before using any of these registration options, you may want to confirm whether you have any HOLDS on your record that would prohibit course selection.  You may check your HOLDS online at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your student account, contact Student Financial Services at 508-286-8232 or via email at sfs@wheatoncollege.edu. You can also view the status of your student account via insideWheaton.

Wheaton Housing

For Fall Semester Study Abroad Participants

Students on study abroad during the Fall Semester will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the online preference form during the fall semester. Information will also be posted at the Office of Residential Life. Preferences are due in mid-November and placements are emailed to you by mid-January. The Office of Residential Life will make every attempt to accommodate student requests but due to limited openings cannot guarantee your placement in your top preferences.

For Academic Year & Spring Semester Study Abroad Participants

Students who are not able to attend room lottery must complete a Proxy Form (can be obtained from the Office of Residential Life). This form designates an individual to act on your behalf in room selection. This form should be filed with the Office of Residential Life before you leave. Students seeking housing in special interest or theme areas will need to complete the appropriate application. Rising seniors in good standing can also apply to have their housing requirement waived to live off campus.

More information on all of these processes can be found at the Office of Residential Life or by contacting Lyndsey Aguilar, Associate Director of Residential Life at aguilar_lyndsey@wheatoncollege.edu or 508-286-8214. (fax 508-286-3870).