What can I do with a major in History?

Your major will not necessarily dictate your career. Your major, as well as your Wheaton education, will provide you with important transferable skills and knowledge. Thus, your major is only part of what makes you employable. Other experiences that employers will take into account include internships, hobbies, work experience, and involvement in campus activities.

For information about majoring in History at Wheaton, please visit the department’s homepage here.

Transferable Skills

A liberal arts degree with provide you with a comprehensive education emphasizing many transferable skills, include analytical skills, communication skills, and the ability to think critically.  Your major studies will also allow you to gain specific skills that may be of interest to particular employers and industries.  Students of history excel in the following areas:

Seeing relationships between factors Interpreting events and ideas
Writing and presenting information Explaining ideas
Synthesizing and evaluating arguments Examining evidence
Analyzing ideas and information Developing a world view
Explaining the present by referring to the past Decision making
Careers of Wheaton Alumni who majored in History
  • Lawyer, Colorado State University
  • Consultant, Self-Employed
  • English Department Chair, Friends’ Central School
  • Marketing Consultant, Self-Employed
Other Position Titles Related to History

Please note that some of these positions may require an advanced degree. For more information and descriptions of these careers, visit O*NET On-line.

Anthropologist Historical Society Staff Public Relations Specialist
FBI / CIA Agent Museum Curator Technical Writer
Journalist> Indicter Research Assistant
Foreign News Corresp. Museum Tech. & Specialist Travel Agent
Lawyer Demographer Writer / Author
Archivist Insurance Agent / Broker Sociologist
Foreign Service Officer Park Ranger Lobbyist
Lecturer Economist Congressional Aide
Biographer Intelligence Analyst Historic Preservationist
Genealogist Peace Corps / Vista Worker Market Research Analyst
Legal Assistant / Paralegal Editor Consumer Advocate
Clergy International Relations Historic Site Tour Guide
Government Official Political Scientist Media Consultant
Librarian Psychologist Counselor
Community Relations Dir. Social StudiesTeacher Urban Administrator


Job Search Resources

Consult the Opportunities by Interest section to research job opportunities in your chosen career field.

Books & Publications in the Filene Center Library

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