Final exams at Wheaton are completed under the Honor Code which means that they are not proctored. One of your responsibilities as a student is to insure that you and others uphold the Honor Code in completing final exams. Please report to the Office of the Dean of Students any alleged violation of the Honor Code you may be aware of.

Final examinations must be taken at the scheduled examination time for each course, times are published by the Office of the Registrar at the beginning of the semester. Many instructors offer self-scheduled exams. You have to take a self-scheduled exam during one of the scheduled exam periods, but you can choose whichever examination period you wish.

Be sure to consult this schedule before you or your family make any travel or social plans during examination week. Examinations may be rescheduled only under the most unusual circumstances and are not rescheduled to accommodate family social events or travel plans. If you believe you need to reschedule an exam, you should meet with one of the Advisors in the Filene Center as early in the semester as possible.