Creative Performances and Exhibits

Academic excellence is celebrated in many ways, including through creative expression. This year, Wheaton students presented a variety of creative performances and exhibits on Friday, 23 April. A listing of student performers and artists follows.


Student Recitals: Select student performers demonstrate musical mastery.

Katherine Anderson ’10, soprano
Ritwik Bhattacharya,’11, violin
Shannon Coco ’11, soprano
Sarah Geocaris ’11, soprano
Alejandro Lugo ’10, piano
Christopher MacDonald ’10, mezzo-soprano
Gavin Mackie ’13, tenor
Benjamin Spalter ’10, trumpet
Angelica Sullam ’12, piano
Emily Tran ’11, piano
Jordan Trundy ’10, baritone
Scott Wade ’11, piano
Megan Winslow ’12, violin

Cello Trio:
Tristan Back ’11
Jeffrey Kaplan ’12
Nick Welter ’10

String Quartet:
Emily Green-Colozzi ’10, violin
Ritwik Bhattacharya ’11, violin
Nadine Biss ’13, viola
Tristan Back ’11, cello

Wheaton College Chamber Singers:
Hannah Allen ’12
Katherine Anderson ’10
Mike Bryant ’12
Mae Ciampa ’11
Shannon Coco ’11
Jacob Dunn ’13
Hilary Emerson ’10
Elisabeth Fifer ’13
Gavin Mackie ’13
Allison McMaster ’10
Paul Roell ’11
Kirsten Russell ’13
Dana Strom ’10
Jordan Trundy ’10
Victoria Van Duyne ’12
Samuel VonEhren ’10