Register your USB Security Key within your Google account for two-step authentication.

Wheaton’s IT department will provide a faculty/staff member with a device called a USB Security Key only if they do not have a smartphone capable of 2-Step Verification. If you have a smartphone but choose to not use it for 2-Step Verification, you can purchase a USB Security Key on your own. The two USB Security Keys we recommend are the Google Titan Key and the YubiKey 5 Series.

1. Visit and click the “Security” link on the left.

Security tab

2. On the “Security” page go to the section labeled “Signing in to Google” and click the right arrow next to “2-Step Verification”.

Signing in to Google

3. Log in when prompted then scroll down to the “Security Key” section and click “ADD SECURITY KEY”

Security Key

4. On the “Choose your security key” pop-up page select the bottom option “USB or Bluetooth”.

Choose your security key

5. When prompted with “Have your security key?” select “NEXT”

Have your security key?

6. When you arrive at the “Register your Security Key” page, insert your Security Key into a USB port. You will then be asked to touch the security key which will register it with Google.

Register Security Key

7. You will then see the following confirmation screen

Security Key Registered

The next time you are prompted to complete two-factor authentication simply plug in your Security Key into a USB port and touch it to complete the process!