Register your USB Security Key with Duo for Multi-Factor authentication.

Wheaton’s IT department will provide a faculty/staff member with a device called a USB Security Key only if they do not have a smartphone capable of Multi-Factor authentication. If you have a smartphone but choose to not use it for Multi-Factor authentication, you can purchase a USB Security Key on your own. Please note, if you plan on using the FortiClient VPN a USB Security Key will not work. The FortiClient VPN only supports the Duo “push” method through the Duo Mobile app on a phone. The two USB Security Keys we recommend are the Google Titan Key and the YubiKey 5 Series.

1. If you have not self registered yet for Duo, please visit the OnCourse site and login and get to the point in the registration process where it asks you to register a device (see screen example below). If you have already registered with Duo and would like to add a USB Security Key to your account, clear your browser cache then login to OnCourse and select the option on the left to “Add a new device”. Complete Multi-Factor authentication to get to the “Add a new device” screen. Select “Security Key” and click “Continue”, see screen example below.

Duo Security Key Add Device

2. Click on the green “Continue” button, see screen example below.
Enroll Security Key

3. A pop up screen will appear. Click “OK” on the popup screen, see screen example below.
Duo Security Pop Up

4. The next screen will ask you to insert your USB Security Key, see screen example below.
Insert Security Key

5. The next screen will ask you to touch your USB Security Key. You should touch the small button located on the top or sides of your key, see screen example below.
Touch Security Key

6. Success, you have added your USB Security Key using Duo, see screen example below.
Success Security Key

7. The next screen will show the devices you have available to you for completing Duo Multi-Factor authentication. Select your new USB Security Key by clicking “Use Security Key”. If prompted, insert your USB Security Key and press the small button located on the top or sides of your key, this should complete the Multi-Factor authentication process, see screen example below.
Success Choose Security Key