Academic scholarships were awarded to 99% of Wheaton’s new students who started in Fall 2022.

No separate application is required for academic scholarship consideration at Wheaton. Students are selected from the pool of first-time freshman applicants at the time of admission to the college. If a financial aid applicant is an academic scholarship recipient, it will be included as part of the overall financial aid package and will reduce his/her eligibility for need-based financial aid.

Wheaton’s generous academic scholarships recognize students for their academic achievement regardless of financial need. All freshman candidates are considered for an academic scholarship based on their application for admission.  The Wheaton Presidential Scholarship is awarded to the vast majority of eligible new students (variable amounts, most between $32,000 – $42,000 per year). Academic scholarships are renewable throughout a student’s academic career. Wheaton students are also able to access the College’s Wheaton Edge fund, a one-time stipend to support research, career development, or community service opportunities during the summer of your sophomore or junior year. An application and prerequisites are typically required to access this funding; however, students who are admitted with the special Balfour Scholar or Trustee Scholar designation are automatically eligible to access this stipend during the appropriate term. Academic scholarships are renewable annually assuming students remain in good academic and social standing.

Academic scholarships apply only during terms of enrollment at Wheaton or on Wheaton-affiliated programs and are limited to 8 semesters (4 years) of study.  Academic scholarship funds may not be used for non-affiliated programs (abroad or domestic). For a current list of Wheaton-affiliated programs abroad, contact the Center for Global Education. For a current list of Wheaton-affiliated programs in the United States, contact the Academic Advising Office.