We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the topics below, and check items off as you go. Many questions may be answered by visiting the Student Financial Services section of the website. If you would like additional assistance, email [email protected].   We will respond to your email or call you.  Please note: the Office of Student Financial Services sends all official communications to the student’s official Wheaton College email address.

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Campus Commerce

Wheaton’s Campus Commerce is hosted through our payment systems provider, Nelnet. In Campus Commerce, you may view your student account transactions, anticipated credits from financial aid and private loans, make online payments, enroll in a semester based payment plan and grant account access to your parents or others. Campus Commerce is a secure self-service portal that provides access to real-time student account information. Wheaton does not print or mail billing statements. Nelnet customer support is available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (EST) at 800-609-8056. 

Student Access to Campus Commerce is through the student portal insideWheaton

Open the WINDOW folder and select  Student and Financial Records. Click on Financial Records then Campus Commerce.  You will automatically be connected to your student account (single sign-on).  If you log in directly to Campus Commerce, you will need to enter your Wheaton credentials (WID and password). View a brief tutorial on the Campus Commerce payment plan (video).

Authorized Parent and/or Proxy User Access to Campus Commerce

Once your parent and/or proxy user receives the account access invitation via email and completes  the registration process, your parent and/or proxy may log in using the email and password set up during registration.  The Office of Student Financial Services confirms an individual’s authorization in Campus Commerce  before providing detailed account information to family members and/or proxies. 

Log in to Campus Commerce and review your billing activity

  • Grant access to others through the “Add Authorized Party” link in Campus Commerce.
  • Make online payments, or enroll in a payment plan through Campus Commerce or by telephone at 800-609-8056.
  • Confirm your account is paid in full, covered by financial aid, private loan or a payment plan by the semester’s due dates. The Fall semester’s due date is August 15 and the Spring semester’s due date is January 3.

Payment and Financial Holds

Student accounts not paid in full, on an approved payment plan, covered by pending financial aid funds and/or with a pending approved loan by each semester’s due dates may have a financial hold placed on their account that prevents the release of room keys upon arrival to campus, and from adding and dropping courses. If a payment made to your student account is returned for any reason, a $50.00 returned payment fee may be assessed to your account. A $100.00 late payment  fee may be assessed each month on a  balance that remains past the semester’s due date.   Please note – rather than worry about whether or not your mailed payment is received by the semester’s due date, we recommend making online payments from your Campus Commerce account.

  • Fall semester payment due date is August 15.   Spring semester due date is January 3.
  • Request college savings plan (529 account) payments before July 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for spring semester to ensure the payment credits to your student account by the semester’s due dates.  Note:  Many 529 College Savings plans now have electronic transfer option which saves time and improves transparency with real-time payment tracking. When requesting a withdrawal from your college savings plan, check with your plan administrator to see if electronic transfer option is available.
  • Inform outside scholarship organizations to send payments directly to the college at least ten days prior to the semester’s due date at:  Wheaton College, Office of Student Financial Services, 26 E. Main St., Norton, MA  02766. The student’s full name and Wheaton ID must be listed on the payment.
  • Enroll in a payment plan. For more information on monthly payment plans and payment plan options go to MyCollegePaymentPlan.
  • Payment Plan Tutorial.

Student and Parent Loans

If your financial aid notification includes a Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan that you wish to borrow, you must first complete online Loan Entrance Counseling and then electronically sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN) in order for the funds to disburse to your student account.  This is a one-time requirement and will not need to be completed every year you opt to borrow. To apply for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan, please review the instructions and apply by July 1 to ensure your loan is processed and approved prior to the fall semester due date of August 15. Alternative, private loan information is available on the Student Financial Services website on the Private Loan Information page. All loans must be certified prior to August 15 in order to avoid late payment fees.

Student Health Insurance Requirements

Massachusetts state law requires all full time students to have health insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the coverage provided by a Massachusetts Qualifying Student Health Insurance Plan (QSHIP).  In order to meet the state’s requirements, all students are billed for annual coverage for health insurance  on the fall semester charges Students have the opportunity to waive the total annual insurance charge by the dates specified on the Gallagher Student Health website, if they have existing, comparable coverage per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  International students should note that plans located outside the United States do not satisfy the Massachusetts coverage requirement. The annual student health insurance coverage is from August 6 through August 5 of the next calendar year.

For new, transfer or returning students in the spring semester only, they will be charged a prorated health insurance amount on their Campus Commerce account for coverage from January 15 through August 5 and must waive prior to the first day of the spring semester. Questions regarding student health insurance coverage and/or the waiver process should be directed to Gallagher Student Health, our insurance partner, at 800-406-4979.

Tuition Insurance through GradGuard™

GradGuard’s Tuition Protection Plan supplements Wheaton’s refund policy in the case of complete withdrawal from all courses due to medical necessity.  We strongly encourage you to review the plan coverage and exclusions. The option to purchase coverage from GradGuard™ will be presented through your Campus Commerce account. For coverage details and questions please contact GradGuard.  For reference and comparison, please review Wheaton’s refund policies.

  • Review GradGuard’s Tuition Protection PlanThis plan is OPTIONAL and you may customize your coverage amount by contacting GradGuard directly.  The enrollment deadline is the day before classes begin each semester. You will be charged and billed separately from your student account for this coverage.

Refund Policies

Please familiarize yourself with the published refund policies for tuition, room, meals and fees.

Refunds for Withdrawal

Please familiarize yourself with Wheaton’s refund policies due to withdrawal, involuntary leave, suspension or dismissal. If a student decides to withdraw, the student must notify Academic Advising in writing that they are leaving Wheaton in order to be eligible for a prorated refund. The date the written notice is received by the Office of the Registrar from Academic Advising is used as the official date of withdrawal. The official date of withdrawal will be used for the prorated refund of charges, if any, to the student’s Student Account Center account. Once the semester begins, there is no reduction or adjustment for fees.

Wheaton Grant and Scholarship funds are pro-rated to match the tuition refund schedule. Federal regulations require Wheaton to calculate a return of federal financial student aid funds for students who withdraw (officially or unofficially) from all classes on or before the 60 percent attendance point in the semester. For official withdrawal, Wheaton uses the date the student provided official notification to withdraw as the withdrawal date. For unofficial withdrawals, the last date of academically related activity as given by a faculty member is used as the withdrawal date. To remain eligible for federal student aid during the semester, the student must be attending classes and completing required course work.

Direct Deposit  

Direct Deposit is the easiest and most convenient way to receive a refund of overpayment, if applicable, from your student account and to receive your pay from campus employment.  Employment pay will be deposited directly into your bank account every two weeks. You may sign up for Direct Deposit at any time on insideWheaton.  Please make sure to have your bank routing number and account number available.


Each student must read and acknowledge the Student Financial Agreement through insideWheaton prior to each semester’s registration.  A copy of the Student Financial Agreement is available on the Student Financial Services section of the website  and should be thoroughly read.  More information about registration will be sent from the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising to your Wheaton email.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!