As part of the Higher Education Amendment, Wheaton College must provide students with the opportunity to register to vote. Accordingly, in an effort to provide an efficient and effective manner of providing students with an opportunity to register to vote, the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has established a website where students may request a voter registration form.

Click here to have a mail-in voter registration form sent to you.

Please note that students may choose between a Massachusetts form and a Federal form. The Massachusetts form can only be used to register to vote in Massachusetts. The Federal form may be used to register in most other states. Please also note that students cannot register to vote via the internet, but can request a voter registration form, which will be mailed to them. Students should complete the form and return it to their city or town hall. Addresses for students’ city or town halls may be found at the bottom of the page on the website listed above. Upon receipt of the completed voter registration form, the local city or town clerk will provide acknowledgement of student voter registration.