Two words: Efficient Service

The number of requests for room reservations and events has grown dramatically over the years and that requires us to always fine-tune our processes.  Conference & Event Services strives to provide top-notch customer service and we cannot do that if we don’t have all the right information, in an organized format and within a timely manner.

Utilizing an on-line Event Form is the best way to allow each planner easy access to begin the process.  It walks a planner through each point of consideration ensuring no detail goes unnoticed. These details can then be organized and distributed to those providing the event support services and planners don’t have to track down an individual to make sure they’ve ordered their tables and chairs or their microphone!

Event Forms are necessary for all types of reservations, no matter how big or small to assist our fellow colleagues on campus that provide two of our most important services; safety and cleanliness!

Each reservation is recorded on a weekly “Facilities Report”, which is then distributed across several campus departments. This report informs the support staff of the event requirements. The reservation and sharing of event information is important for several reasons; community safety, facility maintenance, fair access and the College’s commitment toward quality service.  Thanks for your cooperation!