Contemporary artist Elliott Jerome Brown, Jr. discusses his photographic installations and architectural and sculptural pieces. Brown’s work consists of compositionally obscured faces that heighten the interior landscape of the individual and the domestic spaces they inhabit. He has been featured in New York Magazine, Vice, Teen Vogue, Dazed, and more.

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Artist Oscar Bedford discusses his sculptural assemblages, which are at once hyper-realistic yet impossible to fathom thanks to his surreal and humorous approach and impeccable workmanship. Bedford will share his new installation, a super-sized “drain” installed temporarily on campus as the first commissioned work in a new partnership with the RISD Sculpture Graduate Program.

Wheaton sculptors will exhibit their cool creations in an outdoor sculpture exhibition. The artists will begin carving large blocks of ice using power tools in the early afternoon. As the sun sets, colored light will illuminate the sculptures and there will be music and warm refreshments.arts