This exhibition features the work of Wheaton’s senior visual art majors.

a nerve is not a nerve but a bundle of fibers showcases seven contemporary artists, Caroline Wells Chandler, Pilar Sans Coover, Gabrielle Ferreira, Sean Paul Gallegos, Sarah E. Jenkins, Saberah Malik, and Sarah Zapata, all of whom are working with textiles in innovative ways. Though textiles are often thought of as decorative or functional, the artists in this exhibition address complex ideas of identity and cultural history with large-scale crochet, narrative embroidery, deconstructed sneakers, public sewing circles, and traditional dyeing and weaving.

Join us for the opening reception of In the Weeds: Art in the Natural World at the Beard and Weil Galleries in Watson Fine Arts.

The exhibition showcases six artists who are tackling issues of the human relationship to our environmental surroundings. Many of these artists bridge art and science bring to life processes that may otherwise elude the general public. Through seed collecting, camouflage, performance, and artists’ books artists Kwang Choi, Rachel Frank, Jenny Kendler, Next Epoch Seed Library (a collaboration between Ellie Irons and Anne Percoco), and Tammy Nguyen consider issues of rewilding and human influence on the natural world.

The exhibition runs October 23—December 12, 2019

Image: Jenny Kendler

This exhibition brings together six artists—Sara Jimenez, Antonio McAfee, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Mendi + Keith Obadike, and Dano Wall—who are reframing historical images and information to encourage shifts in perceptions of race, immigration, and colonialism.

The exhibition runs September 3—October 11, 2019.

This exhibition features the work of Wheaton’s senior studio art majors. The exhibition runs April 24–May 11, 2019.

Two exhibitions celebrate Andrew K. Howard’s 43-year tenure as Professor of Art at Wheaton College. Howard’s landscape photographs of Alaska and the American Southwest are exhibited alongside the works of his former students—Robin Bowman, Liz Corman, Adam Ekberg, Rebecca Hale, Jenna Lee Mason, and Danielle Mourning—Wheaton alumni from class years 1982–2008.

Brush Coat Cover, juried by contemporary art dealer Cade Tompkins, is the fourth biennial at Wheaton. The 2019 exhibition focuses on work that challenges, explores, and celebrates the definition and history of painting, collectively evoking an open-ended conversation on the medium.

Second in a series of four biannual exhibitions curated by students enrolled in ARTH 335: Exhibition Design, It’s Elemental: Fire considers how fire—in all of its forms—affects our world. Using objects from the Gebbie Archives & Special Collections and the Permanent Collection, each exhibition will explore one of the four classical elements: water, air, earth, fire. This exhibition will be on display November 29, 2018–February 2, 2019. The galleries will be closed December 16, 2018–January 22, 2019 for winter break.

Sami Milloshi, an American citizen born in Albania, has been working for Wheaton College since 2016 in the Building Service Department. He is an author of five poetry books, including Albanian Tattoo, published in Bloomington, Indiana. Last month he published his sixth book with short stories.

This is his first debut in painting. He started painting a year ago while he was writing his short stories. Milloshi says, “I like to paint because I think painting makes me able to express what has been silenced at my poetry and prose…”

Milloshi’s art exhibition opening is October 16th in the Balfour-Hood Café from 6 to 7:30pm with light refreshments.