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  • Food for thought

    Assistant Professor of Sociology Justin Schupp investigates inequality in the agricultural system, including studying the equity of where farmers markets are located. More »
  • Photo of Khrystian King

    Putting beliefs into action

    Khrystian King ’95 earns spot on Worcester City Council. More »
  • Photo of Derron Wallace

    Meaningful work

    Passion for teaching and creating change guided associate professor Derron Wallace’s path to Brandeis. More »

    Retiring Professor of Sociology, Kersti Yllo, talks about what students should prize in the Wheaton tradition of education and why a sense of purpose should be more important than finding your passion. More »
  • A hand up rather than a handout

    Colleen Shea Doherty ’90 influences public housing, from advocacy work to legislative reforms, to multi-million-dollar housing projects. More »
  • Karl Rivera ’16

    ...equipped marginalized people in India with digital cameras so they could express how they see the world... More »
  • Fighting crime in New Orleans

    Henry Meyer ’94 believes in a more cerebral approach to policing, influenced by his time at Wheaton and by his liberal arts education. More »
  • Image of Hannah Dalglish '16 at Cape of Good Hope

    South Africa Internship

    When Hannah Dalglish ’16 was considering summer internships, her sociology professors encouraged her to seek an experience abroad. She took the advice to heart. More »
  • No.Adams Regional Hospital Entrance

    Shutting NARH

    With only three days notice on March 28, 2014, North Adams Regional Hospital closed its doors leaving 37,000 residents without access to emergency care and 530 employees without work. By Peter Dassati '15 See the Documentary More »
  • Publications, honors and creative works: A. Javier Trevino

    Sociology professor Javier Trevino publishes a new book: Investigating Social Problems. More »