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S. Beal '09
Beal, S. Chemical Weathering along the Greenland Ice Sheet Margin -- Summer Scholar Report, In The Nucleus - Northeastern Section American Chemical Society, January 2009, v87(5), pp. 8-9, 17. (pdf issue)

B. Burrage '07
R. Grossman '07
D. Machado '07
S. Milewski '07
C. Stuetzle '07

Gousie, M.B., Grady, J., Burrage, B., Grossman, R., Machado, D., Milewski, S., and Stuetzle, C.  Using Metaphors in Dynamic Social Stratification Visualizations.  In IV08: 12th International Conference on Information Visualization (London, 2008), IEEE, pp. 485-490.
J. Simundza '09
J. Korsun'10

Use of Microsatellite DNA to Assess the Genetic Relationship of Cape Cod Diamondback Terrapins
Presented at: The Third Annual Northeast Diamondback Terrapin Working Group Meeting, Wellfleet, MA. Sept. 27, 2008

K. Boyle '04
E.B. Lipsky '06

Kalberg, C.S., Boyle, K.B., Lipsky, E.B. "Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Methyl alpha-Benzamido Cinnamate in Ionic Liquid Solvent" Tetrahedron Lett. 2006, 47, 1311-1313.

S. Benz '05
R. Grossman '07

Benz, Steve, Grossman, Robbie, Dyer, B., and LeBlanc, M. (2004). Genomics Research and the Liberal Arts: Building a Database for Exploring Your Favorite Set of Genes (favGene v2.0). Transformations-Liberal Arts in the Digital Age, v2(1), May 2004.

T. Agnitti '02
N. Doolittle '03
G. Williams '04

Gousie, M. B., Williams, G., Agnitti, T., and Doolittle, N. "CompSurf: An Environment for Exploring Surface Reconstruction Methods on a Grid." Computers & Geosciences 29, 9 (2003), pp. 1165-1173.

S. Benz '05
P. Cahalan '05
B. Donorfio '04
P. Sagui '04
A. Villa '03
G. Williams '04

Dyer, B.D., LeBlanc, M.D., Benz, S., Cahalan, P., Donorfio, B., Sagui, P.,Villa, A., and Williams, G. (2004). A DNA motif lexicon: cataloguing and annotating sequences. In Silico Biology, v4, 0039.

S. Benz '05
Jonah Cool '

"Using Regular Expressions to Locate Putative Zinc Finger Binding Sites"
Publication: The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, v.18 (5), May 2003, p. 245.

A. Villa '03
"Searching DNA Neighborhoods", The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, v.18 (5), May 2003, p. 254.

G. Williams '03
N. Doolittle '03
T. Agnitti '02

"A Surface Reconstruction Research Environment"
Publication: The Journal of Computing in Small Colleges

N. Buggia '01
G. Aspeslagh '00

LeBlanc, Aspeslagh, Buggia, and Dyer (2000). An annotated catalogue of inverted repeats of Caenorhabditis elegans Chromosome III with observations concerning odd/even biases and conserved motifs, Genome Research. v10(9): 1381-1392.

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