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Meal Plan Policy and Procedures

As a residential college, Wheaton requires that all students living on campus participate in the meal plan available through the college's Dining Services. Dining Services is committed to meeting student’s dietary needs on the meal plan. In rare instances, however, the required meal plan for students may be adjusted or modified. All meal plan adjustments or modifications, for any reason, are considered on an individual basis and are granted on an academic year basis unless otherwise determined. The College considers requests for any meal plan adjustments or modifications utilizing the following processes:

Documented Disabilities That Require Accommodations

Students who have documented disabilities that require accommodations should consult with Disability Services (wilhelm_denyse@wheatoncollege.edu) and the Office of Health & Wellness (maricle_cynthia@wheatoncollege.edu). Upon receiving a request or inquiry concerning reasonable accommodations, Disability Services, the Office of Health & Wellness and the Director of Dining Services will work with the student to meet his/her needs.

If current disability documentation is not on file in Disability Services, the student may be asked to submit documentation from an appropriate health care provider. This person must be currently treating the student for the condition for which the accommodation is requested.

Religious, Cultural, or Ethical Restrictions

Students requesting adjustments to the meal plan based upon sincerely and firmly held religious, cultural, or ethical beliefs as to what is right and wrong (“belief-based dietary needs” or “restrictions”) must prepare a summary of any belief-based dietary needs and meet with the Director of Dining Services to develop an action plan to reasonably address the student’s dietary needs.

Scheduling Difficulties

Dining Services will work with students to reasonably meet their particular class, activities and/or work schedule challenges and difficulties on the meal plan. Students with scheduling challenges and/or difficulties must contact the Director of Dining Services (bragel_john@wheatoncollege.edu) who will make arrangements to provide them with a meal to go.

Meal Plan Exemption

If the college should determine that Dining Services has exhausted its efforts to reasonably meet a student’s dietary needs on the meal plan, the student will be eligible for consideration for a meal plan exemption. Billing credits for exemptions granted after the board plan begins each semester will be credited on a pro-rata basis determined by the date the exemption is approved. Meal plan exemptions are not granted for financial reasons or for reasons of non-essential food preferences, likes or dislikes.

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