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Major requirements

Religion major worksheet

The religion major consists of nine semester courses.


REL 102 Introduction to the Study of World Religions
REL 401 Seminar
and seven courses selected from three of the following areas. At least three courses will be taken from one of these areas; at least two courses from a second area; and at least one course from a third.

Scriptural studies
REL 109 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
REL 110 Literature of the New Testament: The Real Jesus, Ancient and Modern Views
REL 204 Scripture in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
REL 207 Introduction to Rabbinic Literature
REL 212 Sacred Texts of Asia
REL 310 New Testament: Acts and Letters
REL 342 Liberation Theology

Western religious traditions
REL 204 Scripture in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
REL 223 Religion in Contemporary America
REL 232 Faith after the Holocaust
REL 282 Music and Worship in World Cultures
REL 322 Judaism: Faith and Practice
REL 323 Seminar in Jewish Thought
REL 342 Liberation Theology

Asian and non-Western religious traditions
REL 108 Engaged Buddhism
REL 212 Sacred Texts of Asia
REL 316 Islam: Faith and Practice
REL 325 Hinduism: Thought and Action
REL 326 Buddhism: Thought and Action
REL 357 Indigenous Religions

Contemporary and comparative religious thought
REL 142 Religion and Sexuality
REL 162 Perspectives on Death and Dying
REL 204 Scripture in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
REL 208 Religion in Modern Literature
REL 225 The Philosophy of Religion
REL 230 Mysticism and Spirituality
REL 232 Faith after the Holocaust
REL 242 Religion and Ecology
REL 260 Psychology of Religion
REL 277 Religion and Animals
REL 340 Seminar on Religion in Anthropological Perspective
REL 365 Smells and Bells: The Sensual Dimension of Religions

At least three courses at or above the 300 level, including REL 401 Seminar.

Interdepartmental majors

Majors in religion and philosophy and religion and history are offered jointly with the Philosophy and History Departments, respectively. Students electing either joint major should consult with the chairs of the two departments concerning the courses required.

The Classics and Religion departments have drawn up guidelines for an interdepartmental major in Ancient Studies. For the Dual-Degree Programs with Andover-Newton Theological School, contact Barbara Darling-Smith.

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