Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Details, details…

You have walked this campus a million times.
You know every inch like the back of your hand.
Or, do you? Test yourself. 

Here are some architectural details of buildings that you should be familiar with.

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Observing the connection between art and science

Beard and Weil Galleries director Michele L’Heureux ’88 conducted a fall session for Professor Elita Pastra-Landis’s “Advanced Organic Chemistry” students. At L’Heureux’s invitation, the professor agreed that it would be great to expose science students to the gallery (where many of them had never been) and also to engage them in close observation and conversation that could improve their skills of analysis, which are essential in the discipline of science. “Elita and I crafted some questions for them to consider, and Elita wrote those up and asked the students to respond in writing after our session together in the gallery,” said L’Heureux. “They were asked to consider the connections between art making and chemistry, and we discussed each of the five artists in the ‘Sitelines’ exhibition. One artist, Kysa Johnson, uses the molecular structure of pollutants as the building blocks of her drawings, so we spent a lot of time analyzing her work, since it was quite relevant to their studies.”

Sitting to take a stand

Wheaton’s new WHALE lab hosted Red Chair Day in December, in support of the national Sit With Me initiative, which highlights the important role of women in the future of technology. The campus community was invited to sit and share perspectives on the significance of diversity in computing and information technology. Read more at wheatoncollege.edu/whale.

Virtual Wheaton

The Google Street View team, including this dude riding a camera-mounted trike, came in September to film routes around and through the campus. Google maps allow viewers to explore places around the world through 360-degree street-level imagery.The virtual tour of the college will be available online in a few months.