Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Awesome autumn

The Wheaton community celebrated Fall Fest Weekend and Homecoming all over campus in October with lots of fun activities, games, music and food.

Photos by Mark Stockwell and Keith Nordstrom

Can I Kiss You?

Snapshot Can_I_Kiss_You_053

Mike Domitrz, founder of The Date Safe Project, brought the Can I Kiss You? program to Weber Theatre. His live show presents a unique, humorous approach to healthier dating and communication.

Photo by Stew Milne

Jill Stein in the house

Snapshot Jill Stien-0442

The members of the theme residence House of Residents Engaged in Political Science brought presidential candidate Jill Stein to campus on September 28.

Photo by Nicki Pardo

Volunteer expo

Volunteer Expo

Congressman Joe Kennedy III and the Corporation for National and Community Service, along with local organizations, were on hand in October for students to learn more about service opportunities and connect with neighbors.

Photo by Mark Stockwell