Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Dance, dance, pose

Members of TRYBE, S.O.L.E. and the Wheaton College Dance Company performed at the Once Upon a TRYBE 2016 Gala, a modern take on fairy tales, on February 20, in Weber Theatre. Former group members dropped by Mary Lyon Hall for a laughter-and-spontaneous-dance-infused alumnae/i reception before the show, struck a pose for the camera, and attended the performance

Photos by Stew Milne

Abroad view of the world

Abroad To America LunchDo your research before you go, step out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid, and manage your finances. That’s just some of the advice that a gathering of students who recently studied abroad shared with their classmates during a casual Friday afternoon chat over lo mein, quesadillas, grape leaves and other ethnic foods. The Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning sponsored the talk on April 8 to give students an opportunity to reflect on their experiences. Students who have studied abroad in France, Australia, Denmark, Brazil, South Africa and Bhutan spoke about learning to adapt quickly in unexpected situations, navigating the complexities of other cultures, and becoming more self-aware.

Photo by Keith Nordstrom

Larycia Hawkins talks solidarity

Larycia Hawkins, the political science professor from the evangelical Wheaton College who started a controversy by expressing solidarity with Muslims, spent two days on campus in April to discuss what it means to embrace and support others. She presented a lecture in Cole chapel, visited classrooms to talk to students and had informal conversations with staff and faculty members.

Photos by Keith Nordstrom

Government in action

Wheaton hosts Ways and Means hearing

Wheaton hosted a Massachusetts legislative hearing on February 23, in Balfour-Hood, as part of the state’s annual budget cycle. The Joint Committee on Ways and Means hearing focused on public safety expenditures.