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Reaping what you sew

Andrew Hench ’04 launches men’s clothing business

2004-Andrew-HenchFashion and convenience don’t always go hand in hand, but Andrew Hench ’04 hopes to change that.

Four years ago, he and his brother, Will Hench, launched ThreadLab, a men’s online clothing delivery service, out of a bedroom in his Boston condo. Thanks to funding from VegasTechFund, a seed-stage investment firm, the startup moved operations last September to Las Vegas to grow the business.

ThreadLab utilizes smart technology to deliver affordable clothing right into customers’ mailboxes, Hench said. “Our customers’ profiles and preferences drive whatever they receive in each box. For example, one customer may not like V-necks, so he’ll never get a V-neck. Another customer may not like stripes, so he’ll never see a striped shirt, sweater or sweatshirt.”

Hench, who majored in studio art at Wheaton, designed the original logo on the clothing boxes when the company first got off the ground. In addition to managing day-to-day business operations, he participates in some of the buying of the clothing.

“I have a decent sense of what looks good and what will fit our demographic,” he said. [Read more...]

Women breaking barriers

Naleli Morojele ’09’s book explores leaders in Africa

Naleli Morojele âÂÂ09Exceptional women—especially those who break barriers in politics—fascinate Naleli Morojele ’09.

Her newly published 161-page book, Women Political Leaders in Rwanda and South Africa: Narratives of Triumph and Loss (Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2016), offers an up-close view of the professional challenges women leaders face in post-conflict environments.

A native and current resident of Bloemfontein, South Africa, Morojele based her book on her master’s degree research on women’s political leadership in Rwanda and South Africa—countries that have some of the highest representation levels of women in legislatures in the world. The Wheaton alumna currently is studying political science at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

In South Africa, Morojele grew up seeing women as political leaders on TV and in the newspaper, she said. “It was only as an adult that I realized that that is not something that many other young girls get to experience in their countries,” she said. [Read more...]

Joshua Kelly ’17 takes charge in hometown politics

Joshua Kelly ’17In his first days at college, Joshua Kelly ’17 reached out to a high school friend. What began as a Facebook conversation about their freshman orientations turned into a plan to co-found a Green Party branch in their hometown of Waterford, Conn.

“We started talking about my friend’s decision to study government, and we quickly both discovered that neither one of us strongly identified with the two major political parties,” Kelly explains. When they began researching, the Green Party emerged as their favorite option, with its focus on social justice, environmental stewardship and grass-roots campaigning.

“I suggested that we find out what it would take to start a Green Party chapter in our hometown,” says Kelly.

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Best seat in the dugout

Brian Beneduce '16Senior sells innovative baseball bucket backrests

Brian “Mike” Beneduce ’16 is creating a new twist on an old pastime.

The student-athlete launched a new company and product called Bucket-Back—an attachable backrest that transforms a bucket of baseballs into a chair. In baseball, people sit on buckets at the front of the dugout to better view and record the outcome of plays.

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