Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

My gift. My way.

Bev Decker ReedBeverly “Bev” Decker Reed ’64

  • Retired vice president of resource development for Pathfinder International
  • Member of the board of WomensTrust, a nonprofit organization seeking to alleviate poverty in Ghana 
  • Reunion gift committee co-chair and 50th Reunion co-chair 
  • Married for 14 years to William Reed; mother of three; stepmother of two; grandmother of 13

“Each time I hear or sing the words from the ‘Wheaton Hymn’—’Yet early founders still are we’—I feel both gratitude and pride for my alma mater. And each time I visit the campus or read an article on the website, I am reminded of all the opportunities for growth and learning I was given, and students today are receiving. I feel part of a continuum that has shaped me as an individual and Wheaton as an institution. For many years, I have given my annual gift to the Wheaton Fund, yet always wished that I could do more—could contribute in a meaningful way to the continuum that is Wheaton. My husband and I decided that, in celebration of our 50th college reunions at our respective schools, we would make special gifts to express our gratitude for the colleges that made such a difference in our lives. By creating a charitable gift annuity, I am able to keep an income stream that I need now, and provide a larger gift than I dreamed possible, which will be part of the Wheaton endowment in perpetuity.”

Your gift. Your way.

Learn how you can give for the future right now. Call the Office of Gift Planning at 508-286-3459 or online at wheatoncollege.edu/gift-planning

Lorna Brookes Russell ’64

Lorna Carlson '64 and husband Russell CarlsonOrganist at St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church (Maine); retired French teacher 

President of The Sandy Point Water Company (Maine), an investor-owned utility 

Married for 49 years to Carlton Russell, Wheaton professor of music and college organist emeritus

“Wheaton changed my life. The challenging academics, the caring faculty, and the opportunities for leadership and creative endeavors shaped the person I became. When people wonder how a retired French teacher and church organist with a liberal arts degree can be running a small water company, I simply tell them it’s my Wheaton education at work. I could not have attended Wheaton without substantial scholarship aid, and my deep gratitude for that has meant loyal support of the Wheaton Fund. The college has always been in our will, but we also wanted to do something special for my upcoming 50th Reunion. Endowing a scholarship seemed at first an impossible stretch for two retired educators, but the Gift Planning staff worked with us to set it up in a way that we could afford, turning around deferred retirement income to our benefit tax-wise, and to the benefit of future scholarship students. During my 45 years on the Wheaton campus, as student and faculty wife, I watched the college change, and, yet, in its essence and mission, remain the same. Carlton and I honor that ‘holding fast to what is good’ with our support.”

Learn how you can give for the future right now. Call the Office of Gift Planning at 508-286-3459 or online at wheatoncollege.edu/gift-planning

My gift. My way.

Dellie Smith Woodring ’62

Member, Board of Directors, Marin Village (California), a nonprofit that helps senior citizens

Founder and former executive director, Kentfield After School Center

Former member, Wheaton Board of Directors

Married to Doug Woodring; mother of two; grandmother of three 

“I am forever thankful for the well-rounded liberal arts education I received. Not a week has gone by in the past 50 years when I haven’t thought of Wheaton in one way or another. The college gave me the gift of learning to be an independent thinker. This has enabled me to undertake business endeavors and community activities with self-confidence. I am still in touch with several of my Wheaton friends, including classmates, faculty and staff members. I am grateful for these long-lasting relationships and how they continue to enrich my life. My husband, Doug, and I married the summer after my graduation. Wheaton is a natural fit for our long-range estate planning, as he was a frequent visitor to the campus (from Brown University), and we both appreciate the lifelong benefits I have received from Wheaton. I feel fortunate that I’m able to give back in the form of annual contributions and a charitable gift annuity. Supporting Wheaton and maintaining the vitality of its educational program is a high priority for me as we face the challenges of higher education in today’s world.”

Photo by Danielle Mourning ’99

My gift. My way.

Cornelia Lee Clifford Wareham ’74

Learning specialist, the Chapin School, New York

Stanley Isaacs Neighborhood Center board chair for eight years; honoree at 2011 benefit 

Wife of Raymond Wareham for 37 years; mother of three, grandmother of one

“I was brought up in a family in which education was not only valued but considered, as my mother always said, ‘the one thing that you could never lose.’ My education certainly confirms that on many levels. Wheaton provided me with all that I could have asked for—inspirational professors, terrific extracurricular activities, and lifelong friendships. The college continues to be a special place for me many years after graduation. Luckily, I married someone who feels just as strongly about education as I do. Supporting education has always been a priority in our giving. We have contributed to the new Mars Center for Science and Technology, in keeping with our respect for the sciences. We have enthusiastically supported scholarship programs, hoping to make a difference in the lives of students. And we have included Wheaton in our estate plan, to continue our commitment well into the future.”