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My gift. My way.

Diane-Troderman-4Diane Leshefsky Troderman ’63

  • Philanthropist and volunteer
  • Wheaton College honorary degree recipient, 2013
  • Board member of Hadassah-Brandeis Institute and Harvard Divinity School’s Women’s Leadership Institute
  • Married to Harold Grinspoon for 32 years; between them they have six children and 11 grandchildren

“At my 50th Reunion, when I received an honorary doctorate, I told the graduates that taking the time to think about one’s legacy is a wake-up call to examine how one lives. I am constantly thinking about the Jewish values that have shaped my life. One is tikkun olam (repair of the world) and the other is tzeddakah, a concept that combines charity, righteousness and justice. Infused in both of these values is the mandate to give back. We all want to live a good life. Giving back makes it a great life. As a volunteer, philanthropist and leader in the Jewish education field, I give back because I want to help those in need as an expression of where I came from. Wheaton opened me up to new ways of seeing the world. I’m indebted to the college, not only for the education I received but also for the friendships formed. I am thrilled to include Wheaton in my estate plans to help ensure the impact the college will continue to have through the generations to come. In a very real sense, we are stewarding the future, reaffirming our commitment to make a difference where it counts.”

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My gift. My way.

Nancy Fifield McConnell ’68Nancy Fifield McConnell ’68

  • Fund development consultant for nonprofit organizations
  • Certified Fundraising Professional
  • Vice president, Safe Shores, D.C.’s Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Married to Nicholas McConnell for 47 years; mother of two, grandmother of one

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My Gift. My Way.

Jeffrey Banks ’94Jeffrey Banks ’94

  • High school mathematics and special education teacher, Boston Public Schools
  • Deacon, First Church Somerville, UCC
  • Selected Most Loved Teacher by the Class of 2015 at his high school

“Wheaton changed my life. When I arrived on campus in August 1990, I was a scared and lost 19-year-old. But when I left in May 1994, I was a different person. The students, staff, professors, and the experiences I was able to have during my time at Wheaton all had a major impact on my life and who I was becoming. I am still close to many of the staff, classmates and members of other classes to this day. I was raised in a family where giving back was something both my parents did without question, and they raised my brothers and me to do the same. So soon after I graduated in 1994, I changed the beneficiaries of my life insurance policy and added Wheaton. And when I created a will, adding Wheaton to the list of beneficiaries was again an easy choice. Recently, when I updated my will after buying a home in Malden, Mass., I spent time reflecting on the nearly 25 years I have been connected to Wheaton and the profound impact it has had (and still has) on my life. This reflection included the fact that one of my own former high school students just started at Wheaton as a member of the Class of 2019, nearly 25 years after I started my Wheaton journey. I could not be more proud of my Wheaton connections. My amazing classmates, fellow alums and volunteers, the caring staff who always greet me as a member of the Wheaton family, have all impacted me in ways that words cannot describe. The education I received at Wheaton has allowed me to be, in my humble opinion, as good a teacher as I can be in Boston. Remembering Wheaton in my estate plan is one way for me to repay the college, honor its history and help sustain its future.”

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My gift. My way.

Irene Castelot Bradford ’79Irene Castelot Bradford ’79

  • Leadership coach and writer
  • Married for 14 years to Bob Bradford; stepmother of two, grandmother of one

“Wheaton remains one of my most precious experiences. As excited as I was to begin my education at Wheaton, I felt lost as I ventured into the world. Wheaton supported me academically and emotionally and helped me build a strong foundation for my life. I learned life skills that inform my coaching men and women seeking to take their leadership skills to the next level. The friends I made at Wheaton are very special to me, and I continue to make new Wheaton friends today. None of this would have been possible without financial aid, and for that I am very grateful. My husband, Bob, and I value education highly and give to Wheaton to fund scholarships for those who are inspired by the college’s mission and need funds to realize their dream. Our current scholarship pledge allows us to meet the students who make up the face of Wheaton today. We will continue our commitment to Wheaton through current scholarships as well as through a legacy from our family trust for future students.”

Your gift. Your way.

Learn how you can give for the future right now.
Call the Office of Gift Planning at 508-286-3459 or visit wheatoncollege.edu/gift-planning.