Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

50 years later, she still cherishes Wheaton

Raybin KathyThe United States was undergoing serious changes when Katharine “Kathy” King Raybin ’64 was an English major at Wheaton: civil rights marches, the Cuban missile crisis, space exploration and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, to name a few.

As an undergraduate experiencing these events on campus, Raybin felt part of something great.

“I loved being on the campus where people cared about those things,” she said. “There was just a lot going on in America, and it was a privilege to be at Wheaton while it was going on, even though a lot of it was tragic and scary.”

Raybin will be returning to campus in May for her class’ 50th Reunion, which she is helping to plan, along with college roommates Beverly “Bev” Decker Reed ’64 and Elizabeth “Hydie” Richardson Ralston ’64. [Read more...]

Travel bug

Biology professor wins Whiting Fellowship to study termites 

Betsey DyerProfessor of Biology Betsey Dexter Dyer ’75 knows how to make the most of a vacation. She has taken trips to Puerto Rico, Ecuador, parts of Africa and New Orleans’ French Quarter, where she took in the scenery, enjoyed local cuisine and, oh yes, studied microbial evolution in the guts of termites.

On a trip to Grand Bahama Island in 2004, Dyer and her two children, ages 10 and 13 at the time, spent a few days at a luxurious beachside resort—and several hours riding a jeep around the island in search of rhinotermitids and kalotermitids, which they brought back to their hotel room to view under a field microscope. [Read more...]

A matter of trust

Daniel Arciola ’94 puts Wheaton values to work 

Arciola DanWorking with trusts and estates requires a high level of integrity. As chief trust officer and senior vice president at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York City, Daniel Arciola ’94 understands that, as well as how an education that emphasizes ethics can prepare a person for success.

“When I think about the important things you need to be successful in this industry—communications skills, critical thinking skills, the ability to write, leadership, teamwork—they are all things that through attending Wheaton I had the opportunity to develop,” Arciola said. “At my firm, there is a real emphasis on integrity and teamwork, and those are things our Honor Code at Wheaton focused on. I feel those were values that are very similar to the core values at the institution I now work for.” [Read more...]

Progress in numbers

Go Beyond logoScience center: 

$36,118,427 committed to expanding and enhancing science facilities through the Mars Center for Science and Technology.

Goal: $35 million

Student scholarships: 

$51,361,128 committed to increasing scholarship support for Wheaton students and their families.

Goal: $50.6 million

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