Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Team player retires

If Chad Yowell made a brilliant move or a visionary decision, he would never admit it to you.

“The story of my career is that I’ve been in the right place at the right time,” the executive director of Wheaton’s athletics program said recently while looking back on more than three decades in college sports. [Read more...]


Wheaton LyonPut on a funny costume. Make people laugh. Fire up the crowd to cheer on the team. Sounds easy, right? Try doing it beneath a blanket of fake fur. That’s what those who volunteer to be the Wheaton mascot, the Lyon, have to do. Paul Fineman ’11 tried it for one event, and Jacob LeBlanc ’06 was the Lyon his freshman, sophomore and senior years at more than 75 athletic games and 100 other events. So, what’s it like be the Lyon?

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