Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

A ‘different world’ in Australia

Jason Choi ’17

Philosophy major

Studied philosophy and sociology, at the University of Wollongong, in Australia

“I met great friends here—some of whom are now friends for life. City life in Sydney is really different from my New York City life. People are laid-back and really welcoming. In Melbourne, I fell in love with the music, the food and the art, and I got my first real exposure to nature when I took a road trip down the coast. Studying abroad has impacted me in ways I don’t think I’ll ever be able to clearly articulate 100 percent. I was so affected by the experience that I’ve applied for jobs in Australia and have considered going to graduate school there. It’s a whole different world.”

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Meaningful connections in South Africa

Khadeedja Muheto ’18Khadeedja Muheto ’18

Mathematics, economics double major

Studied at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa

“There were two ladies who were the first people to welcome me to South Africa with open arms. I call them my South African mothers because I truly believe they care for me and everyone they interact with. They took me around their township, showed me how to cook traditional food and sang songs with me about hope and unity. The time that I spent with them was by far some of the most meaningful in my entire experience in South Africa.”

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Students share the sights and insights from their travels: [Read more...]

Self-discovery in France and beyond

Zelda Zhao ’18Zelda Zhao ’18

International student from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Economics, chemistry double major

Took various courses, all in French, including “Immigration in France and Europe” and “Introduction to the Muslim World,” at the University of Paris Sorbonne-Diderot

“Traveling to France was not my first time going to a foreign country to study abroad, since I’m an international student at Wheaton. Thanks to my first two years at Wheaton, I have acquired some experience in adapting to new environments and learned ways to explore the culture and interact with people.

“While in Paris, I observed a lot of changes within myself and enjoyed the opportunity for self-exploration and self-examination.

“I grew up in an environment in which people are encouraged to pursue the most direct way to so-called success. I was told from a young age by my educators to ‘go straight to the goal and do not waste time and energy on the unnecessary.’ I came to the United States alone when I was 18 determined to put a lot of effort into achieving academic success, which I did (straight A’s and a 4.0 GPA). Yet, I knew something had been missing in my past—passion, freedom, wildness and rebellion against the stereotypes. [Read more...]

Integrating coursework in Italy

Julie Mikush ’17Julie Mikush ’17

Studio art major

Studied digital photography at the Istituto Lorenzo dé Medici in Florence, Italy

Photo by Juli Mikush

Florence, Italy - Global Issues and Awareness. Global Need: Access to clean, safe water.

“The overall experience of studying abroad made me more outgoing and willing to try new things, including exploring as much of Italy as possible. While on a weekend trip, I took this photo of a room inside a Pompeii home. As a sophomore, I took the art history course ‘Visualizing Ancient Rome,’ taught by Professor Evelyn Staudinger. When I decided late in the semester to study abroad in Italy, I was so excited, as I knew I would have the opportunity to see architecture and sculpture that we had studied in the class. For my research paper for the course, I studied the styles of Roman wall paintings. Having knowledge of the history of Pompeii, including the wall paintings, made it all the more exciting when I had the chance to see them in person. In this particular photograph, there is not much left of the wall painting, but in other locations in Pompeii there are almost fully intact paintings.”

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Students share the sights and insights from their travels: [Read more...]