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Diving in

Interns deepen knowledge through experience 

Biology major Linnea Mayfield ’17 found herself on a whaling boat in Boston engaged in marine mammal education and research; political science and women’s and gender studies double major Janaira Ramirez ’18 was in the thick of it in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention, helping to mobilize Latino voters; and strategic geography major Abraham “Abe” Ziner ’17 took on major responsibilities in Washington, D.C., as an intern at a consulting firm, including delivering a briefing on current trends in the Middle East to colleagues, a former secretary of defense, and a handful of U.S. ambassadors and generals. Summer 2016 was a busy one for Wheaton students who stepped out of comfort zones and immersed themselves in learning opportunities that will enhance their educational experience at Wheaton and prepare them for careers in their fields of interest. Here are just a few. Read more at wheatoncollege.edu/news/exploring-opportunity. [Read more...]

One step at a time 

A New Year’s guide to fitness, food and feeling good

The Chinese proverb says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Your Wheaton magazine editor says, when it comes to food and fitness, sometimes the hardest part is putting down the fork and putting on the sports bra to get going in the right direction.

It’s that time of year again, when we recharge ourselves (and the Fitbit) in the face of a new year and make dramatic resolutions to get in shape, eat right and change something big in our lives. (This year, we really, really mean it. No, really!) To help us all, your editor has sought advice from a few of our alumnae/i, who each have something to offer in their field of expertise in nutrition, fitness and self-care.

Read an in-depth interview with each of them below. And email us your personal advice for setting and reaching goals at quarterly@wheatoncollege.edu. We can use all the inspiration we can get.

She has got it covered

Covers Charlotte Strick 95Charlotte Strick ’95 succeeds as award-winning book designe

Charlotte Strick ’95 is a tactile designer and creator, preferring her hands above all other tools when making art.

So when the award-winning book-jacket designer was tasked with developing the cover art of the Amelia Gray novel Threats, she took it as an opportunity to get her hands dirty—quite literally.

Threats tells the story of the mysterious death of the wife of the main character—a recluse suffering from amnesia and delusions. “Around his home and garden, small terrifying ‘threats’ appear to him on scraps of paper,” Strick said. “The description of his garden and the things once buried there presented an opportunity for a type-driven cover that could do the same.” [Read more...]

Work it out.

Albi SkenderiAlbi Skenderi ’09

  • ReFit director and trainer, New York City
  • Economics major
  • Former member of the men’s track and field team

Set a goal: “You have to have a purpose for working out. That has to be a key point for anyone. For me it has always been about signing up for an event and working toward it. That way you don’t have to think long term but rather week by week. You set a schedule for the week and try to maintain it. Next week do the same. For example, I recently learned how to swim. I signed up for a triathlon three months before I learned how to swim. Every day I had to train I knew I had to be there because, if I didn’t show up, I would be in a bad place come race day. So setting that one goal just a couple months before motivated me to train. When that was done, I moved on to something else that was two months in the future.” [Read more...]