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50 things to do before you graduate

Here’s the ultimate bucket list of what to do before graduating from Wheaton, comprising ideas offered by students, staff, faculty members and alumnae/i. The list was presented to incoming students at summer orientation as a gift and a challenge. How many can you check off? [Read more...]

Spring ahead

Atlantas_Race_May_Day_1930Let’s face it, unless you are lucky enough to live in a sunny, warm location, this has been a tough, (ice) dam winter. With this issue of the Quarterly, we happily cast our gaze toward spring and summer with the hopes that the snow will melt, along with all our bitter memories of shoveling. To get us in the giddy mood for the warmth coming our way, we present this intriguing archival photo of one of Wheaton’s spring traditions. College Archivist Zephorene Stickney tells us that this is a photo of the Atlanta’s Race, an extravaganza presented by students on May Day in 1930. The event included elaborate costumes, and college carpenters even built a stage that looked like the front of the Parthenon, including statues. Think about your time at Wheaton. Are there any spring traditions or happenings that were your favorites? We would like to know. Email us and tell us at quarterly@wheatoncollege.edu. And, if you have a photo of it, please share it.

Photo from the Marion B. Gebbie Archives and Special Collections


Discovering Wheaton community a continent away

At camp with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, Bartosz Wojciechowski, Katherine Rozakis-Wojciechowski ’06 and Alexandra Levy ’07

At camp with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, Bartosz Wojciechowski, Katherine Rozakis-Wojciechowski ’06 and Alexandra Levy ’07

By Alexandra Levy ’07

For three years, Katherine Rozakis-Wojciechowski and I lived within one mile of each other on campus at Wheaton, spent countless hours in the same library, and shared laughs with friends at Emerson Dining Hall. Yet, it wasn’t until we left the country to live in London that we would officially meet. And it wasn’t until after we graduated that we both realized the true salience of the Wheaton community.

In 2012 we met in London at a biannual Wheaton alumnae/i event at the home of Monique Lee Bahadur ’80 and developed a close friendship over our common connections. Although our Wheaton experiences were quite different in terms of classes, we both had found an inspiring mentor in Daniel Golden (former dean of career advising at Wheaton), who very much influenced where we are today. Both of our families spend summers in Maine within 10 miles of each other, and we both chose to attend graduate school in London (after spending time abroad during our Wheaton years), a clear divergence from our cozy campus in Norton, Mass. A love of travel and curiosity in other cultures has always been a common thread in our friendship. [Read more...]

Memories of Ruth Ann Stewart ’63

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

By Lisa Webb ’83

Ruth Ann Stewart ’63I don’t remember the exact day I met Trustee Emerita Ruth Ann Stewart ’63 at Wheaton, but I do remember how I felt after meeting her—deeply cared for, grateful and proud to be at Wheaton. That moment changed my life.

In 1979 during my freshman year, while Ruth Ann was on a trustee visit, she met with some of the African American students on campus. There were 38 of us there at the time and Wheaton was not what it is now. The thought of there ever being an African American president of the college was something we could never even imagine back then.

Ruth Ann listened to our concerns. I was struck by her confidence, poise, genuine concern for us and her no-nonsense approach. She understood what we were saying, and while she showed us compassion, she also challenged us to stay focused on why we were there. I was lucky enough to receive this lesson from her time and time again during my four years at Wheaton. [Read more...]