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Former orchestra conductor Itay Talgam’s TED talk

Former orchestra conductor Itay Talgam’s TED talk

In looking for leadership inspiration, Itay Talgam debunks what he terms the “myth of the maestro.” The former orchestra conductor has made a name for himself by looking at great orchestra leaders for ideas on how to create environments that value innovation and creativity and celebrate both individual and collective achievement.

In his much-watched TED talk, Talgam said, “[A conductor’s] happiness does not come from only his own story and his joy of the music. The joy is about enabling other people’s stories to be heard at the same time.”

His point speaks to the importance that lies in tapping the insights, knowledge and skills of an organization’s members; creating the space for each person to shine; and focusing individual efforts on an overall goal. Talgam’s observation resonates with me as both a chamber musician and an educator dedicated to the value of the liberal arts. [Read more...]