Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Going beyond

The most remarkable things happen at Wheaton: students find themselves and their futures.

Robert Manguso, who graduated this spring, stands as a case in point. A resident of Milford, Mass., he began his college career planning to major in business. But he found the subject less than stimulating, the school somewhat disappointing. He transferred to Wheaton, and after taking a class in biology, he decided to major in the field.

As a biology major, Robert ranged well beyond the classroom. He served as a research assistant to Professor of Biology Robert Morris, attended scholarly conferences in New England and California, and worked as a course assistant at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole during the summer.

Today, as a Fulbright Scholar, he is on his way to the University of Copenhagen, where he will explore his dream of working as a researcher in the lab of a renowned scientist whose work is similar to the studies he conducted with Professor Morris.

Robert’s college experience positioned him to take a step that, four years ago, was not on his radar screen. His classmates have embarked on equally inspiring journeys. [Read more...]