Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

A virtual revamp

Have you ever had a vision of something that you want and then it finally comes to fruition, and it is even better than you could have imagined? Well, that has just happened with the Wheaton Quarterly magazine’s online version.

For a long time, we have wanted to improve the Quarterly’s virtual presence, as part of our continuing effort to make it more reader friendly.

The Wheaton College web strategy team, collaborating with representatives from all divisions, has already worked to redesign the entire college web site. That work began in the spring of 2009 and the resulting renovated web site was launched 10 months later. It now includes more news, images and profiles of students, faculty and alums, as well as much-improved navigation and search capability.

With the same goals in mind, the magazine and communications team began working with the web strategy team this fall to revamp the Quarterly online. It all began with conversations about how to best serve our readers; how to better share the wealth of information and interesting stories contained within the magazine, both with the campus community and beyond; and how to satisfy the social media butterflies. In the end (not really, because we plan to continue tweaking things), we think we have come up with some great improvements that fulfill many of our goals.

And now… (drum roll and applause, please) we excitedly announce the launch of our virtual revamp! Check it out at wheatoncollege.edu/quarterly/.

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All in the (Wheaton) family

The Quarterly is planning a story about the generations of families who have chosen to send their students to Wheaton. Has your family chosen Wheaton over and over again? If so, we want to hear about who in your family has come here and the reasons that led them to the decision. Share your stories! E-mail us at quarterly@wheatoncollege.edu.