Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


Two words that can make my pulse race: Yard sale. (Häagen-Dazs is one word, right?)

There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt for a bargain. This year, I got that thrill right here on campus in the Clark Recreation Center at the annual Wheaton-sponsored community yard sale.

The annual trek home by students means making decisions about what will be packed up and schlepped back and what will be left behind to be tossed into the trash. (When the car is brimming with stuff, suddenly there is not one inch left for those red glitter-covered stilettos that now seem so last year.) Instead of letting perfectly good items go to waste and eventually end up in landfills, the Wheaton community collects them, holds a yard sale, and donates the money to local charities. [Read more...]


Nice surprise

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the most recent issue of the Quarterly.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Onyedikachi [“Kachi”] Udeoji ’12 featured in “A minute with....” Kachi is a good friend of my daughter, Kara Fierro ’12, and has visited our home on several occasions since freshman year. I like to think we have been a “home away from home” to Kachi when he misses his native Nigeria! I also enjoyed the article on the cryptologists on the Wheaton campus during the war. Thanks for keeping Wheaton parents connected to campus through the magazine.

—Amy Fierro P’12

Good cover to cover

I graduated from Wheaton in 1967. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve read the Quarterly from cover to cover! I know it was impressive when we were there, but not nearly as impressive as it has become! From President Crutcher’s talk about the opening of the new Mars Center to Rebecca Sieburth’s [Class of 2011] interests in medicine and art to [Read more...]