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Help improve the future

Aria Grillo ’05Aria Grillo ’05

  • Associate director of development, Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Junior board member and mentor, Tuesday’s Children
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Makes a difference:

“Through our work we raise more than $3 million annually to fund research toward finding a cure for muscle disease and ALS. I also lead MDA’s nationwide disability awareness program, in which I educate students about assistance and acceptance, and treating everyone as equals, regardless of physical differences.”

Values the source of success:

“I have always been passionate about health-related causes from my time at Wheaton doing my practicum under Professor Grace Baron. Wheaton helped me understand who I am. The college has been an incredible pillar of support in my life—far beyond the four years I spent there—and is one of the main sources of my current success.”

Contributes to longevity:

“Wheaton is an incredibly special place; it is our legacy. We need to support Wheaton just as it supported us. Big or small, every donation makes a difference by enhancing the educational experience of current students and helping to ensure the longevity of the college for generations to come.”

Support Wheaton

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Take charge of the future

Paige Scott ’93Paige Scott ’93

  • Managing director, head of North American asset management, at Sheffield Haworth
  • Board member, 100 Women in Hedge Funds
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Leads the way: “Sheffield Haworth is a global financial services executive search firm, and I’m a ‘head hunter.’ I was based in the Boston office, which I opened for the company five years ago. Last summer I moved to San Francisco to open our West Coast office. After graduating from Wheaton in 1993 (not a great job market at that time), I and three other Wheaties drove cross-country from Boston to California to ‘seek our fortunes.’ After a short stint at a law firm, I landed in executive recruiting in 1994 and stayed with it. Wheaton prepared me to be adventurous and inquisitive.” [Read more...]

Fuel the future.

Raheleh FoFolkerts-3lkerts ’95

  • Director of marketing at Renewable Energy Systems Americas, Broomfield, Colo.
  • Women of Wind Energy member
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Supplies vision: “I work for a great renewable energy company defining and executing marketing and communication strategies, from branding to client engagement efforts—all to ensure business growth for the company. Our department also project manages various proposal submissions. I really enjoy the breadth of scope and level of influence our department has.”

Uses resources: “The education and open-minded atmosphere I experienced at Wheaton provided me with a foundation that allowed me to be very flexible and adaptable in my career choices. I have worked in a variety of industries, including a vet clinic, a major news firm, a teachers association, a police department, and now a renewable energy company. My English degree benefits me today, as my department is responsible for most of the content produced on the website, in press releases, on proposals, and in marketing collateral.”

Generates support: “I contribute to the Wheaton Fund because it’s important to ensure the same quality of learning and liberal arts experience for everyone who attends. Think back to your days at Wheaton—the professors, the classes, the activities and the friends, and how they influenced and made you who you are today. Don’t you want to help others experience the same?”

Support Wheaton

Call 800-896-3145 (option 2) or visit wheatoncollege.edu/giving


Let’s create the best future.

Elena Wong ’07

Sally Willis Bancroft ’66

Wheaton Fund national co-chairs


Sally Willis Bancroft ’66Sally knows opportunity opens doors:

“Wheaton is forever with me. I continue to benefit from the personalized education I received and the opportunities I experienced, which led to my career in nonprofit management and still influence my community service work today. I support the Wheaton Fund as national co-chair to ensure that our students have the help they need to design their own bright futures.”


Elena Wong '07Elena values teamwork:

“Working in the field of college admissions in California, I know firsthand the importance of not only helping students get into college but also supporting them during their four-year journey. The Wheaton Fund impacts every aspect of campus life—from classrooms to athletic fields. I support the Wheaton Fund as national co-chair so that we all can give our students the foundation they need for a great future.”



Make a difference today.

Call 800-896-3145 (option 2) or visit wheatoncollege.edu/giving