Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Lead the way.

Kelli Moriarty-Finn ’91 (Photo by Michael Gordon)Kelli Moriarty-Finn ’91 

  • Senior technical project manager, Investment Applications Strategy, Planning and Governance, Invesco Ltd.
  • Class Notes secretary
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Manages success:

“My responsibilities include guiding project managers through the strategic planning and execution of large-scale investment technology projects. I also manage programs in excess of $1 million. It’s always about efficient use of time and resources.”

Knows what works:

“I strongly believe that a liberal arts education is the best one can receive. Employers look for well-rounded individuals who are self-starters and independent thinkers. Wheaton provided the perfect environment for me to become that type of person.”

Sees the big picture:

“Affinity for something isn’t always easily described, but Wheaton has a very special place in my heart. It really is everything—the education, the people, the buildings, my experiences. Access to education is access to opportunity, which is a truly wonderful gift. Supporting the Wheaton Fund allows me to do my part in ensuring students have access to a world-class education.”


Give opportunity. Support the Wheaton Fund.

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Photo by Michael Gordon

Be in the picture.

Ann Getz Duncan ’69Ann Getz Duncan ’69 

  • Professional photographer
  • Owner of Synergraphics, Boulder, Colo.
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Focuses on passion:

“I provide stock nature and travel photography, which involves shooting, licensing and selling images for calendars, greeting cards, postcards, websites and advertising. My subject matter includes primarily Colorado, my specialty, but also international travel, fine art, and environmental issues. I also do pro bono work with local environmental organizations.” [Read more...]

Invest in the future

Mary “Casey” Boll ’07Mary “Casey” Boll ’07

  • Second vice president of product control, Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services, Chicago
  • Co-owner, L.H. Selman Ltd. Gallery & Auction House
  • President’s Commission member
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

 Manages dreams: [Read more...]

Take care of the future

Corinna McFarland ’08Corinna McFarland ’08

  • Case management healthcare data analyst, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • American College of Healthcare Executives member
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Makes a difference

“I help analyze trends in patient movement into and out of the hospital. The main areas of focus are around capacity management, length of stay and utilization of resources (both hospital and insurance) in order to provide services to patients. The business of Boston Children’s Hospital is to take care of the youngest and sickest. My work helps to ensure that more kids gain access when they need it the most.” [Read more...]