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Invest in the future

Mary “Casey” Boll ’07Mary “Casey” Boll ’07

  • Second vice president of product control, Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services, Chicago
  • Co-owner, L.H. Selman Ltd. Gallery & Auction House
  • President’s Commission member
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

 Manages dreams: [Read more...]

Take care of the future

Corinna McFarland ’08Corinna McFarland ’08

  • Case management healthcare data analyst, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • American College of Healthcare Executives member
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Makes a difference

“I help analyze trends in patient movement into and out of the hospital. The main areas of focus are around capacity management, length of stay and utilization of resources (both hospital and insurance) in order to provide services to patients. The business of Boston Children’s Hospital is to take care of the youngest and sickest. My work helps to ensure that more kids gain access when they need it the most.” [Read more...]

Join the team

WF Nick Parson 08Nick Parson ’08

  • Communications coordinator, 
  • Colorado Rockies (Major League Baseball)
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Plays important role:

“Primarily, I am a liaison between the outside world and our players, coaches and front-office personnel both in season and during the off-season. Additionally, I conduct research on the club that we publish in daily as well as annual formats for various internal and external purposes. I do a tremendous amount of work with the members of the media both at home and on the road, making sure that they have what they need from us in order to do their job well.” [Read more...]

Open doors.

Jessica Chase Woodyard 07Jessie Woodyard ’07

  • Google, Inc., real estate and workplace services program manager, apartments
  • Wheaton Fund supporter

Accommodates needs:

“I’m fascinated and energized by the concept of ‘home.’ Real estate surrounds our everyday lives, and where we call home has an emotional connection. I manage Google’s global apartment program to ensure that traveling employees have a safe, convenient and comfortable place to stay as an alternative to a hotel.”

Uses keys to success:

After graduation, I went to work for a private real estate developer in San Jose, Calif. I spent five critical years learning about every element of the real estate development process. In 2012, Google had an opening in their real estate department, where I could focus on my passion with an extraordinary company. Wheaton provided a great foundation for the critical-thinking skills I use daily. Thanks to professors who encouraged me to creatively seek solutions beyond the obvious, I confidently confront problems in a way no textbook could ever teach.

Helps others find their place:

When I was at Wheaton, I received a scholarship that helped fund a summer internship. That internship profoundly changed my life because it was my first introduction to my career in real estate. I want to pass along to students the same powerful gift that I was given—the opportunity to discover their passion and pursue it.


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