Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Claudia Fieo, professor of art

Vestige“The progression of my art has reflected the arc of my life. Along the way, my impulse has been singular: to give expression to the mystery of life’s contrasting forces—the joy of new life, new beginnings and the wonder of growth; the complexities of dying and mystery of death; the lifelong [Read more...]

Andrew Howard, professor of art

Still Life 3“Going to the edge of the world is sometimes necessary to gain the kind of knowledge about oneself that can only be revealed when one is in a place that creates a kind of vacuum in which nothing exists but the central core of who we are. Walking on the beach is a multi-sensory experience; the [Read more...]

Jake Mahaffy, associate professor of art and film

Wellness Tree“Recognizing and accepting limitations and learning to adapt without compromise is an ongoing process and one of the most painful and important in any lively engagement with reality. It is artistic living by definition: a generous, creative way of negotiating the crises and [Read more...]

Patty Stone, associate professor of art

Charles River Diptych“I am inspired by familiar landscapes that are experienced as part of my everyday environment. I also like looking at a variety of maps—from topographical trail guides to Google Earth and road maps from the 1960s. These images present both an abstraction of the landscape and a very real [Read more...]