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Life beyond Earth

Professors win NASA research grant

Europa ocean
Two Wheaton College professors and their students are joining a $50 million, five-year effort to study the origins, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. [Read more...]

Career bid

Chen RufusSummer internship at Christie's turns into fall opportunity

While working as a summer intern at Christie’s auction house in New York City, Jiaan “Rufus” Chen ’15 was invited to view one of the items up for sale, a 300-year-old Korean celadon vase. An art history major with an interest in East Asian art, Chen was thrilled by the chance to examine the piece and even more excited when he got to hold it. Then he learned the vase was worth half a million dollars.

At that point, fascination turned to fear as one thought came to Chen’s mind: “Don’t drop it.”

Not only did the Wheaton senior not drop the vase, he handled the rest of his summer duties at Christie’s so well that his supervisor invited him back in fall 2014 to help the auction house prep for their big September sale. [Read more...]

A minute with … Zevi Rubin ’16

Drone CampIf you look up in the sky while at Wheaton and see a drone, Zevi Rubin can’t be too far away. The computer science major has become known for building (he has seven) and piloting drones, which he prefers to call multi-rotors, because drones get a bad rap. Last semester he was a panelist at Wheaton’s first Drone Camp alongside professors. Spreading his wings: “I’ve been working with the Film Department since last summer, and I am now training students to fly a Wheaton-owned multi-rotor to use during film projects. I am always excited to spread awareness about UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] and some of their uses, and I am excited to work with the school to start developing new uses for the technology. So many people have preconceived notions about what a drone is and what it does. My main goal when showing my work to people is to show them that drones aren’t all bad. In fact, my multi-rotor drones are actually pretty fun.” [Read more...]

Breaking down the Bard

Lexomics project tackles question of collaboration in Shakespeare plays

Elizabeth Peterson & Ann Marie Brasacchio-0563

Ann Marie Brasacchio ’16 and Elizabeth Peterson ’15 on the stage of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, following a performance of Henry VIII.

Scholars have long agreed that William Shakespeare collaborated on a few of his plays, but the question of who wrote what parts has remained somewhat of a mystery.

Ann Marie Brasacchio ’16 and Elizabeth Peterson ’15, under the guidance of Professor of English Michael Drout, have been unraveling that mystery using Wheaton’s Lexomics program.

Recently, the students got the chance to see Henry VIII—a rarely performed play believed to be a collaboration between Shakespeare and playwright John Fletcher—on stage at the Shakespeare Theatre Company of New Jersey. They talked with the cast and directors afterward to get insight into how the play may have been crafted. [Read more...]