Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

The comeback

Cowduck now a sculpture

Cowduck installationIn a way, Cowduck has returned to Peacock Pond.

The beloved black-and-white spotted duck—a longtime familiar figure around the pond and nearby Chapel Field—was memorialized this spring with a bronze statue in her likeness. Cowduck died of natural causes last July.

“After Cowduck passed away, the school was definitely missing her presence, and many staff and faculty members, including [Arts Events and Publicity Manager] Jessica Kuszaj and Assistant Professor of Art Kelly Goff, were looking for a way to memorialize her and bring her essence back to campus,” said Charlotte Middleton ’18, a studio art major. “I had previously done an independent study with Professor Goff for ceramic sculpture, and I think, there he saw my passion for sculpture and asked if I would be interested in helping out with the return of Cowduck.”

Honored by the request, Middleton eagerly got onboard. [Read more...]

Gallery: Making of Cowduck

Charlotte Middleton ’18, a studio art major, helped bring Cowduck back to "life" as a sculpture. The sculpture was installed on a rock in Peacock Pond in spring 2015 by Assistant Professor of Art Kelly Goff. Here is a look at the process. (Photos by Keith Nordstrom)

Uncovering stories

Students’ research shedding light on art collection

“Cataloguing Curiosity” students dive into researching the Providence Athenaeum’s art collection.

“Cataloguing Curiosity” students dive into researching the Providence Athenaeum’s art collection.

Behind any collection of objects, there are stories to uncover. How were these pieces created? Where have they traveled? What do they mean together?

These are some of the questions that the students in Professor of Art Tripp Evans’s “Cataloguing Curiosity” course considered this spring as they sat together in the art room of the Providence Athenaeum, amid tightly packed bookshelves, stone busts and oil portraits.

They were helping to bring to light the stories of the athenaeum’s collection through scholarly research that will be shared with the public. Once a hybrid between a library and an art museum, the Providence Athenaeum is a member-supported institution founded in 1836. It has deep roots in local history and a diverse collection of art that complements its extensive literary holdings.

While much of its art is on public display, athenaeum staff lack the time for the extensive research needed to make the whole collection accessible to visitors and scholars. [Read more...]

Little house, big opportunity

Barbara Kellner ’49 provides a place to create

Key West HouseThe three-room brown house tucked away on a side street in Key West, Fla., is tiny. But what it has offered Wheaton faculty members during the past few years and what it will offer students in the future is huge, thanks to alumna Barbara Kellner ’49.

Kellner, who died in June 2013, bequeathed her house to Wheaton. An artist herself, she made an agreement for it to serve as an artist-in-residency space for faculty members for three years and then be sold, with the majority of proceeds going to Wheaton. The funds will be used to establish the Barbara Kellner ’49 Endowed Fund for the Performing Arts, which will support programming for students for many years to come.

So far, 12 faculty members have taken the opportunity to spend one to three weeks at the house delving into ongoing scholarly, teaching and curricular projects related to the arts and approved by Wheaton’s Committee on Faculty Scholarship.

They all agree that Kellner’s gift has provided two things every creative person craves—time and space to be inspired. [Read more...]