Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Students answer call to help in emergencies

“Can you picture yourself providing medical aid to a sick child during an international crisis; traveling the world as part of a disaster response team; or helping to save a life here at Wheaton?”

That’s the question the Office of Health and Wellness posed last spring, seeking to create a team of students trained to be emergency medical technicians (EMTs) when the need arises on campus, or anywhere else.

Twenty students answered yes. So, this fall the college launched its first-ever Wheaton Emergency Medical Service team, under the guidance of Associate Dean for Health and Wellness Craig Andrade. Safety Program Consultants, Inc., and Norton Fire-Rescue personnel have been training the students (photos depict drill). All members of the team were required to complete a state-accredited EMT course and pass the state’s practical and written certification exams.

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Meadows makeover

The Meadows residence hall complex was named for Sylvia Meadows ’18, who served as a Wheaton trustee for more than four decades. Built in 1964, Meadows received its first major renovation last summer, and in the fall, some 280 students moved into the dramatically transformed space.

Every dorm room has been refurnished and remodeled from top to bottom. The entry lounge in each hall is brightened up with new walls, windows, carpeting, furniture and a glassed-in study area.

And the 1,800-square-foot Meadows Center lounge, a gathering place for all the residents, has a fresh look from new furniture and carpeting, and a wall of new windows, including a swath of decorative “fritted” glass that diffuses light and heat from the sun.

Photos by David Marshall

Welcome, Class of 2015

Members of the Class of ’15, pictured above, end their first day on campus with the traditional candle-lighting ceremony at Peacock Pond. The following day, Hurricane Irene visited campus.

In August, Wheaton welcomed 457 students into the Class of 2015 (selected from 3,600 applicants).

They came from all around the globe. International students from the freshman class hail from hometowns as diverse as Istanbul, Mumbai, Athens and Shanghai. On this continent, they come to us from places far and near, including San Francisco, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and Santa Fe, N.M.

Their accomplishments are impressive. This group of 18-year-olds has traveled the world; earned high honors in academics, sports and the arts; and demonstrated a range of leadership experience. Here are just a few of the things they’ve done:   [Read more...]

A minute with…Scott Tarlow ’12

Scott Tarlow '12Scott Tarlow ’12, a physics major, spent his summer as an intern at Columbia University Earth Institute’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Scientists there observe Earth on a global scale, exploring climate change, earthquakes, volcanoes, environmental hazards and more. He worked on an optical flow modeling project that involved studying lava as it moves and cools, using infrared images of the process.

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