Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

A crowning achievement

Khrystian King ’95 earns spot on Worcester City Council

Khrystian King '95 is elected to Worcester City Council.A devotion to community service and social responsibility has defined the life and career of Khrystian King ’95. Now he is putting his beliefs into action as Worcester’s newly elected city councilor.

“I am proud to be the first black male elected to the Worcester city government in 80 years,” said King, who won the election in November 2015. “Representative government is an evolving reality here in Massachusetts, and I am honored and humbled to be a part of it.”

King’s political accomplishment follows a long, successful career as a social worker and community volunteer.

It began when, as a young man and first-generation American, he witnessed the terrible impact of violence in his community. (His parents emigrated from Bermuda.) [Read more...]

Redefining party lines

Christine Todd Whitman ’68 talks politics, presidential election

Christine Todd Whitman ’68, former governor of New Jersey and former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, visited campus in April.

Christine Todd Whitman ’68, former governor of New Jersey and former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, visited campus in April.

Speaking to a political science class this spring, former New Jersey governor and longtime Republican Christine Todd Whitman ’68 discussed the changing role of political parties, the need for collaboration and the 2016 presidential primary.

Whitman, who also served as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President George W. Bush, now runs the Whitman Strategy Group, a team of environmental consultants. She was on campus to deliver a public lecture, “The Politics of Environment,” and also met with students in Assistant Professor of Political Science Bradford Bishop’s “Political Parties” and “American Political System” classes.

As the child of two parents active in the Republican Party, Whitman was immersed in politics early on, attending the Republican National Convention from age 9. As a teenager, she reaffirmed her position as a Republican, separate from her parents’ views, appreciating the party’s focus on three key areas: fiscal discipline, a strong national defense and environmental protection.

In those days, she said, both parties did not try to define their stance on every issue—allowing members to have differing views within the platform. [Read more...]

Spatial relations

Claire Rowell ’12 is reshaping how work happens, one office at a time

Claire Rowell ’12Seated beside a pingpong table in the common area of the WeWork offices (a provider of shared workspace) in Lower Manhattan, Claire Rowell ’12 is unphased by the competitive doubles game going on beside her as she discusses her Wheaton roots.

It makes sense: Her job as a workplace anthropologist for New York-based startup PLASTARC—which happens to rent office space just a few floors away from the ping-pong table—means she spends her days helping corporate clients ranging from tech startups to international organizations assess and fine tune their office environments in order to enhance the employee experience and attract and retain talent long term.

“Think of the workplace as a ‘container’ or physical manifestation of the company’s organizational culture and business,” Rowell explains. “Its design, furnishing, lighting, technology, amenities, even restrooms, send messages to employees and visitors.” [Read more...]

New faces in advancement

Amy Laprey

Amy Laprey, Wheaton Fund director

Courtney Shurtleff

Courtney Shurtleff, Alumnae/i Relations director

Wheaton has welcomed two new leaders to its advancement team: Amy Laprey, as director of the Wheaton Fund, and Courtney Shurtleff, as director of alumnae/i relations.

Laprey, who joined Wheaton on January 25, has more than 16 years of experience in higher education advancement—including at Providence College and Brown University. She brings expertise in prospect management and research, major gifts and the annual fund, and also has a strong background in staff and volunteer management. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire.

Shurtleff joined Wheaton on February 1 as the new director of alumnae/i relations. Prior to taking on this role, she spent more than 17 years working within alumnae/i relations at Harvard, both in the business school and in the college. During the last eight of those years, she served as director of college reunions and reports, handling the engagement and programming needs of the alumnae/i community. She received her bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. [Read more...]